Unwritten Destiny (SOA) (S1)

Kaleena left home to help her friend in a completely different town. She has no idea what she's getting into, but she does know that she's falling for one of the Sons. What will she do? Will she run? Or will she stay and fight? I own nothing but my OCs. Everything else belongs to their rightful owner.


9. The Pull

I woke up the next morning and noticed that I wasn't in my own bed. I looked around the room and realized that I was in Jax's room. I turned around and just watched Jax as he slept. He seemed so peaceful when he was asleep and the troubles going on around him isn't messing with his head. I slowly got out of Jax's bed and went to shower. After I got out, I headed back into Jax's room to see that he was awake.

"Morning Jax." I said.

"Morning darlin." Jax said back.

I was about to say something, but my phone started to ring. I saw that it was Gemma and when I answered it, I couldn't hold back the smile that graced my lips because Gemma said that she was coming to get me, so we could go see Abel since he's getting out of the toaster, as Jax calls it. I hung up from her and saw that Jax was grinning as well.

"What Teller?" I asked with a smile.

"Nothing." Jax replied.

I just shook my head and headed into the kitchen. I knew that Jax would follow soon and I was right because not too long after I had breakfast cooked, Jax walked into the kitchen.

"Smells good darlin." Jax said.

"Thank you, baby. Before my dad died, he taught me how to cook." I told Jax with a sad smile.

Jax hugged me from behind before Gemma walked into the house. We gave her a smile which she returned. Gemma ate breakfast with us before she and I headed out.

"I see that everything worked out last night." Gemma started.

"It did." was all I could say.

Gemma didn't say anything else, but she didn't have to because the smile on her face gave her away. I knew that she was happy about me and Jax and I'm happy too, but with Tara around, I don't know if I'm really what Jax wants. Gemma and I were sitting with Abel when Jax showed up. The room grew eerily quiet before anybody said a word.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go off you last night." Jax finally spoke.

"I'm sorry too. It was a crazy day. Strange time, Jax. So much shit is changing. I just worry- about you, about him." Gemma said back.

"About Tara. What happened with me and Tara…is ancient history, mom." Jax told her.

"She hurt this family. Tried to pull you away." Gemma said.

"I didn't leave, did I?" Jax questioned.

"But she did. Broke your heart." Gemma replied.

"I guess." was all Jax could come up with.

"You guess? She crushed you, Jax." Gemma said.

I just stood by and listened to the conversation. I guess I'm getting a history lesson, but this gives me some Intel on what's going through both of their heads.

"I was 19. It was first love bullshit. I grew up. I got over it. It's time you got over it too." Jax told Gemma.

"Somebody hurts your baby, you never get over it." Gemma told Jax.

I didn't say anything until Gemma left to go talk to Luann. Jax and I just sat in silence before I decided to break it.

"Hey Jax, I don't know how to say this but what is this between us?" I questioned.

Jax was quiet for a few minutes before replying, "I don't know darlin, but don't listen to my mother alright."

"Gemma isn't telling me anything but I'm not going to invest in something if I'm going to get hurt." I said.

"Whatever happened between Tara and I is done. I don't know what else to say, but I do feel something for you." Jax said.

"Ok, so let's take this slow and see what happens." I told him.

Jax gave me a grin which told me that he agreed. Jax and I just sat there after that until Jax had to leave. I told him that I would be at TM if he needed me and he kissed my head. Gemma took me home and true to my word, I was back at TM. I headed into the club because I forgot to pee when I got home. All the guys gave me a look, but I just gave them a smile before going to Jax's room to pee. When I came back out, Clay gave me a side hug before lightly pushing me to Jax and Opie. I was confused at first but it sunk in after I got in my car.

"Wow! Clay actually trusts me with club business." I told myself as I followed the guys back to the hospital.

I followed the guys to this man's room and listened as Jax and Opie questioned about the tanker. I then followed the guys as they went after the tanker.

"Jax!" I hollered as the tanker swerved to hit Jax.

If I ever get my hands on these guys I'm going to get them good. We finally got the tanker stopped and I let the boys handle the drivers. Jax told me to follow him and I did and then Unser joined us soon after. I stood off to the side as Jax talked to Unser and was shocked that Unser handed Jax money. When we got back to TM I couldn't hold my laughter in anymore because I saw an ambulance in the garage. Jax lead me to his room and we curled up on his bed so he could read more of his dad's manuscript or book, as I call it.

"Jackie boy, Clay's waiting." Chibs said as he knocked on the door.

"Okay." Jax called back.

Jax and I got up but Jax made sure to smack my ass, hard.

"Jax! I swear I'm going to get you." I laughed as I popped Jax's arm.

Jax just laughed before throwing his arm around my shoulder. We follow Chibs outside and meet up with Clay and Tig. I can tell that there is tension between Jax and Tig just by the way they are acting around each other. Gemma then pulls up and tells us that Abel is fixing to come out of the incubation chamber. I jump in Gemma's car and Jax follows us to the hospital. We're waiting for Abel when Tara walks through the door, holding him.

"I don't know how to break this to you, kid, but I'm your old man." Jax told Abel as he sat down with him.

Tara, Gemma, and I were fixing to head out of the room, but Jax grabbed my wrist. I turned to look at him and could tell that he wanted me to stay. I stood next to Jax and lightly placed my hands on his shoulders and gave them a light squeeze. I don't know how long we stayed like that, but Jax's phone started going off. I helped him answer it and by the look on his face, I could tell that something was wrong.

"I got Abel, so go." I told him.

Jax handed Abel to me, kissed me, and headed out to tell Gemma. Gemma entered the room and just watched me rock Abel. I don't how long Gemma and I stayed with Abel before we headed back to TM. When we walked into the garage, I could feel the tension. Gemma went to Clay and I headed to Jax.

"Everything alright?" I asked.

"Everything's fine darlin." Jax replied before pulling me to him.

I just hugged him tight because I knew that he wasn't telling me something but I'm not going to push him. As Jax and I pulled apart, Gemma came over to us. She kissed Jax and told him that she loved him. Jax told her that he loved her too and kissed me before Gemma pulled me away to go with her.

I was helping Gemma get things set for tomorrow when Jax returned from Tara's and I had this feeling that something was off. I silently slipped away and headed to Tara's. When I got there I noticed that the front door was unlocked which is weird. I slowly and quietly opened the door, entered her house, and shut the door. Before I could turn around, I was grabbed in a choke hold. I struggled against my assailant, but that changed the minute they spoke.

"Nice to see you again Lena." the guy whispered in my ear.

"Can't say the same, Karson." I growled as Karson dragged me to Tara's room.

When Tara and Kohn, who I wasn't too shocked to see, looked at me and Karson, Tara was shocked. Kohn and Karson gave each other looks before Karson dragged me back out of the room. I could hear Tara pleading with Kohn about me, but I knew that Kohn couldn't stop Karson.

Karson then dragged me outside but I kept struggling because I knew that I had to help Tara. Karson tightened his grip around my neck and told me that if I didn't stop that he would kill me. I slowly stopped struggling because I knew that he would keep true to his word. Karson made me drive us to my house and the whole drive he kept bringing up our history, which isn't what everybody believes.

We finally arrived at my house and I wasn't happy to be home. Karson forced me inside and up to my room, which was my worst nightmare coming true. Karson then pinned me to my bed and I fought harder than I ever have before and lady luck was on my side because I was able to get Karson off of me, grabbed my gun, and put a bullet in his head.

"Damn. I guess my aim is better." I told myself as I looked at Karson's body.

I headed to the living room and called Jax. I didn't get an answer so I left a voicemail and it wasn't long after that, that Jax showed up. I let him in and Jax took one look at me before pulling me to him. After he let me go, Jax went to check out my room before coming back to me.

"You alright?" Jax questioned.

"I'm okay I guess, but I don't want to stay here tonight." I replied.

Jax agreed before following me to my room so I could get some clothes. Jax then drove me to his house and the first thing I did was take a nice hot shower. I finally broke down and let everything set in. I don't know why Karson was here, but if anybody else shows up, then I might have to leave Charming.

"Is Tara okay?" I asked Jax as I stepped out of his bathroom.

"She'll be okay. She's shaken up like you, but I know both of you will pull through this." Jax replied.

I gave him a small smile and joined him in his bed. I snuggled into him more because I wanted to feel safer. I do hope that Tara is alright because I don't think that any woman should go through what we just went through. I also hope that what Jax said earlier is true and that he does want to make "us" work because I'm not prepared for heartbreak…. Again.


Kaleena's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/soa_s1e8/set?id=208341602

Kaleena's outfit after the attack: http://www.polyvore.com/soa_s1e8/set?id=208435511

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