Unwritten Destiny (SOA) (S1)

Kaleena left home to help her friend in a completely different town. She has no idea what she's getting into, but she does know that she's falling for one of the Sons. What will she do? Will she run? Or will she stay and fight? I own nothing but my OCs. Everything else belongs to their rightful owner.


8. Old Bones

As we were driving to Tara's house, I glanced in the mirror and saw a car following us. I just shrugged it off, though because I figured that they were going the same way. We got to Tara's house, and I pulled in next to Jax because I wanted to talk to Tara as well.

"Appreciate the lift." Tara told Jax.

"No problem. Where's the Cutlass?" Jax asked.

"Oh, it's at the hospital." Tara replied with a shrug.

I knew right then that there was something fishy about her answer, but I know that she'll give us what we need.

"Still not running right?" Jax asked.

"It's running okay." Tara replied.

"This worry I'm getting here… that have anything to do with that car that's been following us? The compact parked halfway down the block. Tara!" Jax growled.

Tara and I shared a look before looking at the car. I couldn't believe that the car parked down the block, is the same car that was following us. I knew right then that this was personal.

"What the hell is going on?" I growled before Jax could.

"That ATF agent that's been looking into you guys-I think he's here for me." Tara replied.

"What are you talking about?" Jax asked completely confused.

"I was with him in Chicago. It got violent. I tried to end it. He started stalking me. Jax. Don't. He's dangerous." Tara replied as Jax headed off.

"Go back inside, Tara. Lock the door." Jax hollered before going after Kohn.

I chased after him because I wasn't sure if he would do something stupid or not. I watched as Jax stabbed the front of Kohn's car, and Kohn wasn't too happy about it either.

"Vandalism. Deadly weapon. That's six months in County, asshole." Kohn growled as he got out of his car.

"Violating a restraining order. You'll be in the cell next to me. They teach you how to suck a dick in ATF School?" Jax growled back.

I had to stifle the laugh that was fixing to come out, even though I knew Jax was being serious.

"Badass biker." was all Kohn could come up with.

"You guys gave it your best shot. You got nothing on Sam Crow. And you harassing Tara, that ends here… or next time it won't be a piece-of-shit car I'm draining fluid from." Jax growled.

I stood next to Jax, and when I glanced in the car, I saw someone that I thought I would never see again. He gave me a sick grin and I had to turn my head so I wouldn't puke.

"You threatening a federal agent?" Kohn asked.

Kohn glanced at me after he said that, but I wouldn't look at him. I'm still afraid of the guy that's in the car, and I hope that Jax hasn't noticed yet.

"I'm threatening you. Go away. It's my last warning." Jax replied as Kohn looked back to him.

Jax led us back to Tara's house and we headed off to the station. I knew that Jax was pissed off and I also knew that if Hale didn't do anything about Kohn, then Jax would put him down.

"You better rein in your ATF boyfriend." Jax said as we stopped in front of Hale.

"Agent Kohn isn't on my payroll. I don't keep tabs." Hale responded.

"Yeah, well, maybe you should." I growled.

Jax was shocked that I said that, but he just gave me a smile. I may not like Tara but what Kohn is doing, is sick and I'll be damned if I let him hurt her.

"He's not here for Sam Crow, Hale. He's here for Tara." Jax said.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Hale asked.

"This guy was stalking her in Chicago. Thinks she came back to Charming to be with me. I'm telling you, this guy is nuts, and he's gonna hurt her." Jax replied.

"Jesus Christ. That's who she had a restraining order against." Hale said.

"You knew?" Jax asked.

"No, but it makes sense now." Hale replied.

"Hale! Let's go, hotshot. Water and Power just dug up some old bones out on 44." Unser told Hale while looking from Jax and I back to Hale.

"Be there in a minute. Kohn is my problem. I will handle it." Hale told us.

"You better, man, or I'm gonna." Jax said back before we left.

"Hey Jax, I'm gonna head home for a little bit, but I'll swing by TM later." I told Jax once we were standing by our vehicles.

"All right darlin. Be careful and call me if Kohn decides to cross your path." Jax said back.

"Trust me I will." I giggled as Jax gave me a small smile.

I drove home, took a nice hot shower, changed clothes, grabbed me something to eat, and headed to TM. When I pulled into the parking lot, Layla came to my car.

"Can I ask you something girl?" Layla asked as I got out of my car.

"Sure girl. You know you can ask me anything." I replied.

"Do you mind taking me to see Abel? I haven't seen him since he was born and I really want to see him." Layla asked.

I gave her the biggest smile that I could and she knew what that meant. Layla and I hugged each other before getting into my car. I drove us to the hospital and as we reach Abel's room, I could tell that Layla was super happy to be here. We were sitting with Abel when Clay decided to join us, and Jax followed not too long after.

"Hey. Managed to steal a key card from an intern. Hopefully, it gets us below." Jax told Clay while handing over a card.

"Yeah. Me and Tig'll take care of this. Why don't you stay here and run interference." Clay told Jax.

Layla and I knew exactly what they were talking about, but we kept our mouths shut and let the boys handle their business.

"Why?" Jax questioned.

"Hey, Doc." Clay said right as Tara walked through the door.

"Hey." Tara said back confused.

"Kid looks strong, huh?" Clay asked.

"Yeah." Tara replied.

"Well, you have a good night, all right?" Clay asked before leaving the room.

"You too. Nurse said you wanted to see me." Tara said.

"Yeah. I was just checking in. You okay?" Jax asked.

"Yeah. I talked to Hale. He assured me Joshua was leaving. Thanks for handling that." Tara replied.

"Ah, you're welcome. You won't have to worry about that guy anymore." Jax said with a grin.

Tara nodded her head before smiling at me. I gave her a smile back and watched as she left the room. Layla followed not too long after that because she said that her boyfriend was picking her up. I haven't met him yet, and neither have the guys, so I hope he doesn't hurt her. It was quiet for a few minutes before I decided to break it.

"Hey Jax, can I ask you something?" I asked.

"Sure darlin." Jax replied.

"I know that you're going to disagree with this, but can I help with whatever it is that you guys are doing?" I asked hesitantly.

"Sorry darlin, but you can't get involved in club business." Jax replied.

"I understand that but I'm sick of sitting at home and doing nothing." I said back.

Jax just looked at me and I didn't know what else to say. We just stayed in silence for a while before I finally said something.

"Look, I know that it's dangerous, but I want to help. Please, Jax." I practically begged.

I'm not the one to beg but I am getting tired of doing nothing. Even if I help them on the DL, at least they would have someone who could get them Intel without actually doing anything.

Jax didn't say anything but guided me out of Abel's room and to the morgue where Clay and Tig were.

"I thought I told you to wait upstairs and what is she doing here." Clay growled as Jax led us into the room.

"Well, there's no interference to run… and I figured you could use the extra pair of hands." Jax replied and looked to me to tell Clay the reason why I am here.

"I'm here because I want to help. I know you don't approve but I'm sick of doing nothing, and I know how to keep secrets, and I think that you could use someone who could get Intel without actually doing anything." I told Clay.

Clay just looked at me. We waited for a few minutes before Clay just nodded his head. I guess that meant that I was good to go. All of us were shocked that Clay was ok with me being here, but I'll take it. I ended up learning that one of the bodies was Lowell's dad. I feel for the guy and once he finds out, he's going to be a mess. After we were done in the morgue, Jax walked me to my car.

"I'm going to head on home." I told Jax.

"Be safe darlin." Jax said back.

I nodded my head, kissed Jax's cheek, and got in my car. Once I got home, I got in my pajamas and went to sleep. I slept so soundly that I almost missed my phone ringing.

"Hello." I answered groggily.

"God you sound awful." Gemma said.

"I just woke up Gemma." I sighed.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go shopping with me for Abel and Jax." Gemma said.

"Sure." I said.

Gemma just laughed before hanging up. I hung up as well, took a shower, got dressed, ate some breakfast, and waited on Gemma. When Gemma showed up, I showed her around my house. Gemma liked what I did with the place and I was happy that she approved. Shopping with Gemma is the funniest thing ever. We took the stuff to Jax's house, and once we got to Abel's room, our jaws hit the floor.

"Oh, my God." Gemma gasped as we entered Abel's room.

Abel's room looks exactly how Jax's did, except that there were pictures on the wall. One of the pictures stood out to me because it was the picture of Jax fucking some girl in Nevada. The only reason it stood out was because I have the picture on my phone. Someone sent it to me and now I have an idea on who done it.

"Holy shit." Gemma said after she stepped in something.

I figured that she stepped in piss and now this was personal. I knew that we were going to get Jax and the minute he saw Abel's room, I knew he was thinking the same thing I was.

"Who did this?" Gemma asked Jax.

"ATF." Jax replied.

"Why?" Gemma asked.

"Tara." Jax replied smoothly.

"That stupid bitch." Gemma growled.

I probably would've said that too except that I know more than Gemma does at this moment, so I can't blame Tara.

"How is this her fault? This guy's dead." Jax said before leaving Abel's room.

"At least." Gemma said.

I followed after Jax and naturally he wanted me to stay with Gemma, but thought twice about it because I'm really stubborn. I rode with Jax to Floyd's and to say that Kohn was terrified when he saw Jax was an understatement.

"You wanna go to war with me, you sick piece of shit?" Jax growled before throwing Kohn out the window.

I slowly stepped outside and screamed when Kohn stabbed Jax with a pair of scissors. I finally pulled myself together and pulled Jax off of Kohn. All of us were taken down to the station, and I got lucky because I was in the same room as Jax. Unser was sitting across from us and I wasn't too happy when Agent Stahl walked into the room.

"Barber says you came in for a haircut. Agent Kohn attacked you with a pair of scissors. So you pushed him through a plate glass window. Self-defense." Stahl said as she looked at Jax.

"That's what Floyd saw, I guess that's what happened." Jax said with a smirk.

"That's fantastic. What I don't get is why you were there?" Stahl questioned as she glanced at me.

"I was with Jax, and I wanted to meet Floyd since I've heard so highly of him." I replied.

Stahl knew that she wouldn't get anything from me so she turned her attention back to Jax.

"Tell me. Are they all just afraid of you… or convinced that you are a necessary evil?" Stahl asked.

"You charging me?" Jax asked back.

I grabbed Jax's hand under the table and he gripped it back. I knew that he was getting pissed off, and I was going to try my best to keep him calm.

"No charges. Why does Kohn have a hard-on for you?" Stahl questioned.

"You know why." Jax replied.

"You're right. I do. Tara Knowles. The charming ingénue. High school sweethearts, right?" Stahl said.

"Yeah." Jax replied.

I knew all of this shit, but I think that Stahl is trying to get under Jax's skin and she thinks this is going to do it. I guess that I'll have to prove her wrong.

"She fears for her life… so she comes back home… to the only man she knows loves her enough to protect her… a guy who would have no problem… putting a fed through a plate glass window. That's beautiful. Really, it is. I wish I had that kind of pull over someone. You're a lucky man." Stahl said with what looked like a smile.

"You done?" Jax asked clearly pissed.

"Yeah, she's done." Unser told us.

I followed Jax out of the building and we rode behind the car the held Kohn. We watched as he was taken out of the city, and headed back to Jax's house, where we found Gemma.

"Why aren't you at the fight?" Gemma asked as we walked into Abel's room.

"I've had my share for the day." Jax replied as he kissed Gemma.

"How you doing baby?" Gemma asked me.

"I'm good Gem." I replied.

"Yeah. Your leg okay?" Gemma asked Jax.

"Yeah." Jax replied.

"Where's the doctor?" Gemma asked.

I knew right then that this conversation was fixing to go south.

"I don't know." Jax replied.

"Where are you going with that, Jax?" Gemma asked.

I don't know where this is all coming from but I think I have a pretty good idea.

"Nowhere." Jax replied while discreetly glancing at me.

"I don't believe that. I've seen the two of you together. See how you act around her. She's still got ties in you." Gemma replied.

"You know what? I don't give a shit what you think. What I do, what Tara does- it's not your business." Jax snapped.

Why is Jax getting so pissed off? Does he still love Tara?

"Cleaning up piss and broken cribs, that's my business?" Gemma snapped back.

"No one asked you to take this on. This house, this kid. It's not your burden. It's mine." Jax said before limping off.

I had an idea on where he was going, but I do hope that I'm wrong because I don't want to get my heart broken.

"Shit. You okay baby?" Gemma sighed.

"I'm fine I guess." I sighed.

"Talk to me baby." Gemma said.

I decided that there was no point in hiding it anymore, so I took out my phone and showed her the text message.

"When did you get this?" Gemma asked as she handed me my phone back.

"I got it the day Jax came back from Nevada, but I didn't see it until the next day. I have no clue who sent it, but I think that someone else came into town with Kohn." I replied.

"What makes you say that?" Gemma asked.

"We took Tara home the other day and Kohn followed us but he wasn't alone. There was a guy from my past in the car. I think he sent me the picture." I replied.

Gemma didn't know what to say, but I was okay with that because all I needed was for her to be there. I realized that I didn't have a ride home.

"Hey Gemma, would you mind taking me home?" I questioned.

"I would baby, but I think that you need to talk to Jax." Gemma replied.

"Are you sure about that?" I asked.

"Trust me baby, you need to tell him this. I wouldn't be telling you this if I didn't think that you had his best interest at heart. I have a good feeling about you and I can tell that you're not trying to take Jax from the club." Gemma replied with a smile.

"Thanks, Gemma. I really needed to hear that." I said with a smile on my own.

Gemma showed me where Jax's room was and I changed into comfortable clothes. I don't how long I was alone before Jax came back.

"I thought you went home darlin." Jax said as I was placing a teddy bear into Abel's crib.

"I was but I needed to talk to you first." I said back.

Jax led me to his room and we sat on his bed. I took a breath before beginning the conversation.

"I really don't know how to say this but I got this text from an unknown number." I started as I showed Jax the picture.

"I have an idea on who sent it, but I'm not sure. Do you remember when you threatened Kohn?" I asked as I looked at Jax.

"Yeah." Jax replied.

"Well, there as another person there. He was sitting in the car while we were talking to Kohn. I just happened to glance at him and he gave me a sick grin. Jax, he's from my past." I told him.

"Has he hurt you before?" Jax asked and I was hoping that I wouldn't have to tell him this so soon, but I guess it's time.

"Yes." I whispered.

"What did he do?" Jax growled.

"Remember what happened to that girl, Tristen? Well, I went through the same thing." I replied.

Jax just sat there and didn't say a word. I was trying so hard not to cry, but I knew that he was going to find out sooner or later. I was just hoping that it would've been later.

"He's not going to hurt you ever again. I'll kill him if he comes near you." Jax finally said.

"I know Jax. I'm just terrified because I have no idea what he's doing here or why he's here." I said.

Jax just hugged me. We sat there for I don't know how long before Jax got comfortable. I was about to go into the living room, but Jax stopped me. I ended up lying next to Jax. I curled into him and Jax just tightened his grip.


Kaleena's changed outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/soa_s1e7/set?id=208323174

Kaleena's pajamas: http://www.polyvore.com/soa_s1e7/set?id=208324402

Kaleena's outfit for shopping with Gemma, plus the teddy bear she buys Abel: http://www.polyvore.com/soa_s1e7/set?id=208334900

Kaleena's outfit for waiting for Jax: http://www.polyvore.com/soa_s1e7/set?id=208339711

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