Unwritten Destiny (SOA) (S1)

Kaleena left home to help her friend in a completely different town. She has no idea what she's getting into, but she does know that she's falling for one of the Sons. What will she do? Will she run? Or will she stay and fight? I own nothing but my OCs. Everything else belongs to their rightful owner.


6. Giving Back

Jax had brought me home the night before, and I slept like a baby. I was just fixing to get up when my phone rang. I laughed because I didn't even have to look at the screen to know exactly who it was.

"Morning Jax." I said as I answered my phone.

"Morning darlin. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to get a playpen for Abel." Jax replied.

"Trying to spend more time with me, huh?" I giggled.

Jax chuckled before saying, "You tell me darlin."

"I believe you do, but I don't mind. Are you coming to get me?" I inquired.

"I'm almost there darlin." Jax said.

"I'll see you then." I told him before we hung up.

I got dressed and sure enough, Jax was knocking on my door when I reached the kitchen. I grabbed what I needed and followed Jax to the truck. He took us to Opie's house, and I finally got to meet Donna, Opie's wife. As Donna and I were talking, Jax and Opie had taken off their shirts and were rummaging through the shed. I couldn't help myself but stare at Jax, and Donna nudged me.

"Is there anything going on between the two of you?" Donna asked.

"Not yet, but I'm not sure if anything will happen." I replied honestly.

"What's stopping you?" Donna questioned.

"His ex is back in town, and she's trying to win him back." I replied.

"Wow. I may not like the club for what happened to Opie, but I see how you two look at each other, and I really do hope that things work out for you guys." Donna said.

All I could do was smile because I was at a loss for words. Donna smiled back, and then we turned our attention back to the guys.

"How did you get this thing in here?" Opie questioned as him and Jax were trying to get the playpen out.

"By myself." Donna retorted.

"Sorry." Jax said as stuff fell out while he was pulling on the playpen.

"Whoa." Donna said as Jax almost tripped.

"Sorry." Jax laughed as he finally got the playpen out.

It was a few seconds before anyone spoke.

"Looks great. How much?" Jax asked.

"Aw, forget it. It's a gift." Opie replied as he moved the pen out of the way.

I could tell that Donna didn't really like that answer, but I also could tell that she didn't want to ask Jax for money.

Jax went to hand Donna some money, but she said, "No, Jax. I don't want it."

"Hey. I'm the one getting a deal." Jax said as he placed the money in Donna's hand.

Donna just gave Jax a smile, which he returned.

"All right, see you at the fundraiser." Jax said as he grabbed the playpen and we started to leave.

"That taste of Charming thing?" Donna questioned.

"Yeah. I'm doing the fireworks." Opie replied smoothly.

I could tell by Donna's expression that she didn't know that Opie was doing the fireworks.

"Oh, really?" Donna asked as she looked at Opie.

"It's not a club thing, Donna." Opie retorted.

"Yeah. My mom started it years ago. It raises money for the school district." Jax told her.

"We'll be there." Opie finally told us.

"All right." Jax said back before we walked off.

Jax drove us to his house so we could put the playpen up. I helped as much as I could and I almost melted when I saw Abel's room.

"This is really cute Jax." I told him.

"Thanks, darlin." Jax said.

We then went to TM and I pretty much hung out with Gemma, so Clay and Jax could go visit Otto, a friend of theirs. Gemma and I talked about pretty much anything and everything, and she convinced me to come to the fundraiser. I told her I would and that was enough to make her smile. The boys got back and it was funny watching Clay and Gemma talk about whatever it was they were talking about. Jax grabbed my hand and tugged me toward his bike.

"Are you kidnapping me, Teller?" I asked with a laugh.

"It's a possibility darlin, but I'm going to see the kid and I know you want to see him too." Jax replied.

I couldn't help but smile because Jax knows me all too well. We went to see Abel and I couldn't help but smile as Jax started reading to Abel.

" "As I ride along, I hear a great sound. What could it be? What could it be? It's a merry-go-round." I'm sorry, little man. I'm not as good at this as Grandma." Jax told Abel.

My heart seriously melted at the scene, but that changed when I looked up and saw some guy standing outside the room. Jax noticed him too and went to see what he wanted. I sat down and started reading to Abel. I could tell that something was off about the guy, but I would let Jax handle him.

"Who was that guy?" I questioned Jax as we headed to his bike.

"I have no clue." Jax replied.

I knew that he was going to find out who the guy was and what he wanted, and I hope we all are going to be fine after this. Jax took me home, and the next morning I got ready for the fundraiser. After I was ready, Jax came and picked me up. Once we got there, I went to find Gemma, and Jax went to do whatever.

"I'm glad you're here baby." Gemma said as she kissed my cheek.

"Me too." I told her.

We were doing great until Bobby told us that Clay needed them. Gemma wasn't too happy about it, but we both know that the club comes first. Gemma and I then turned our heads and saw Unser standing there.

"It sucks being boss, don't it?" Unser asked Gemma.

"You know that fried shit's gonna kill you." Gemma replied back.

"Yeah. 'Cause the cancer's keeping me fit and spunky." Unser bit back.

I was trying so hard not to laugh, but I couldn't help the smile that graced my lips. Unser seemed to notice because he gave me a smile back.

"Hey, who's that guy behind the grill?" Gemma asked.

I looked over to where she was talking about and saw the guy that was watching Jax and I with Abel.

"That's our new best friend. Agent Kohn. ATF." Unser replied.

"The fed looking into the club is grilling sausages?" Gemma asked.

"Must be part of his special federal training. Good chili." Unser replied before walking off.

"Uh-huh." was all Gemma could reply.

I couldn't believe that the guy that was watching Jax and I with Abel is the same guy that is looking into the club.

"Jax, who is that guy? Is he looking at him?" I heard Tig ask both Jax and Bobby.

Jax wasn't paying attention and ran into Gemma, who wasn't too happy.

"You tell Clay I'm pissed off. Bad enough his sorry ass isn't here. Now he's taking all my manpower." Gemma told Jax.

"Who's that guy with the cops?" Jax asked.

"That's your ATF guy." Gemma replied.

"That guy was at the hospital last night watching Kaleena and I with Abel." Jax told everyone.

"That's dangerous, brother." Tig said.

"Shit." was all Gemma could say.

"Well, you keep an eye on him. He follows us out of here or leaves at any point, you give me a call." Jax told us.

"Prepay?" Gemma asked.

"Yeah." Jax replied.

Before they walked off, Jax pulled me aside.

"Stay with Gemma and don't go off by yourself." Jax told me.

"Trust me; I don't plan on going anywhere without your mother." I assured Jax.

Jax gave me a grin before kissing my cheek and heading off. The fundraiser was winding down, and this woman came over and asked Gemma about some guy named Kyle. I was confused but I just stayed out of it. Gemma went to ask Opie, and when she came back, her face told me that something awful was going to happen. Gemma then told the woman what she could and came back to me. Gemma and I watched the fireworks and I was hoping that everyone was somewhere safe.


Kaleena's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/soa_s1e5/set?id=208265239

Kaleena's outfit to the fundraiser: http://www.polyvore.com/soa_s1e5/set?id=208268786

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