Niall's Princess

What will happen when Niall meets his childhood Best friend will they fall in love or wil she hate Niall for leaving and not telling her

read to find out.


1. 1

Peytom;s POV

"are you sure you want move" my mom asked after we put the last box in the truck. "yes mom I'm sure" I said hopping in te truck "okay well me safe" she said before I drove off

at her house

I just got the last box in the house and wa about to walk outside when I saw my best friend Alayna walking up the driveway "ALAYNA" I screamed "PEYTON" She screamed back then we heard "LOUIS" "HARRY" ''LIAM" "AND NIALL" We looked to the left and saw five sexy guys standing there "who the poo are you" Alayna asked I slapped her "well were one of yous neighbors" one with blonde hair and brown roots and these amazing eyes he's HOT "well hellloo I'm Peyton your neighbor" I said in a loud voice I thing china heard "well hellloo to you to" one with curly hair said "WAIT OH MY GOD YOUR ONE DIRECTION" Alayna screamed "Alayna shut up theres probably fans everywhere" I said and right there we heard screaming we turned aroud and saw like 1000 fans "COME WITH US NOW" I yelled took Niall's hand and ran inside when we all got in I locked every door window and closed the blinds. "damn that was a lot" I said still holding Niall's hand "umm Peyton look down same with you Niall'' Liam said we looked down and saw we were still holding hands I let go and walked in the kitchen.PONDPONDPOND  "DONT OPEN THE DOOR" I yelled I grabbed a pan and walked to the door and opened it slowly "hello" when I opened the door a saw the fans "wheres 1D" one said "i don't know and I don't care bye" I said and slamed the door but she stopped it with her foot "leave or ill call the cops" I said "NO WE KNOW YOUR HIDDING THEM" "ALAYNA CALL THE COPS" I  yelled and that's when Niall walked behide me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" All the girls screamed "LEAVE OR I WILL NEVER SIGHN YOUR THINGS AGAIN"  Niall yelled wait I know that yell "Niall" I said turning around "OH MY GOD PEYTON ANDERSON IS THAT REALLY YOU" He said going in for a hug but I stopped him and ran to my room.

Niall's POV

why did she run off ohhh now I know great "JUST GREA" I yelled she hates me for not telling her I was leaving but that was 4 years ago. "mate you should go talk to her" Liam said I nodded and headed up stairs. "peyton can I please come in" I said knocking on her door "no go away" it sounded like she was crying "look Peyton I'm sorry for not telling you that I was leaving" I said walking in because she forgot to lock it haha "go away niall" she said  

"Look I'm sorry for not telling you I was leaving I just didn't know how to but that was 4 years ago" I said she looked up at me "just because it was 4 years doesn't mean I still doesn't hurt" she said well that broke my heart " I know I made a mistake of not telling you but I didn't know how because I I love you" I said she had shocked look on her face but it turned to happy then smashed her lips to mine sparks flew every where and WOW.

hope you likw it so far byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee boop
























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