→ Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end.→


2. Promises


"Lie to me again" she whispered.

He looked at her and softly spoke the words "I love you".

She suddenly woke up from the vivid dream she once called a memory. That dream only came on one day each year, the day her boyfriend Michael made the promise that he would visit her every month. She soon realized after he left the the promise was a broken one. 

That promise was made 2 years ago, and she was still dreaming of him and his lies every time that date came by. That day was September 12. 

The day that keeps reliving itself in her dreams.

She is, Ali Holt a 18 year old who graduated early from Pacific Hills in Sydney Australia, she had long blonde hair, blue eyes and a nose piercing.

She moved out of her dads and got a job at a magazine company called "Peoples".

Her mom died September 5 in a car accident, one year ago and her dad was put in jail for abuse 5 months later.

Ali was broken but had her 3 best friends (Harley, Alexa and Julian) to help her through it,  she still often thought of Michael as one of her best friends but would never say so out loud. She knew better then to say it when all her best friends where around because she didn't want to hurt them. When Michael left she was sad and sad turned to hurt and later turned to anger, she was disobedient and got into a lot of fights,so she decided to join boxing, Ali became one of the most ranked in the state then she left because she knew it wasn't a permanent job. She may seem innocent but she wasn't and that was one of the things Michael loved about her, but he just hadn't noticed it until he was gone.

Meanwhile Michael was touring he knew what he did to Ali but let in fade away when he was drunk and high. He replaced his feelings of her with other girls, his band realized this they tried to stop him but they couldn't,he was all over the news and the magazines with the heading saying "Drunk and sad" or "Gone down hill from what"? He knew Ali saw this, or he hoped she did because he thought maybe it would bring her to him, he hoped but it was just another one of his thoughts that would soon vanish into the Tides along with all his other thoughts and memories.





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