Why not?

Jack was born with a special type of optimism. He has the power to make things come true by saying "Why not?"


2. Luck


My daily life is different from a, well, a daily life. You've all herd of an outcast, but you've never seen an out - cast. I know what you’re thinking, 'how is he an outcast with something as cool as what he has?'. Well it happened when I beet Derrick in that arm wrestling match. When I said he transformed, I mean that he turned into a bully. Well, he was always a bully, but now he’s my bully. We both have our strengths. His strengths are, well, strength. And I have pure luck.

“Dude, you were born with a horse shoe up your dipper. You’re so lucky, you make a rabbit’s foot seem unlucky.” Zach told me.

“Not to brag, but I have my moments.” I replied proudly.

“Boy if I had luck, I would” Zach said

“You would what? “I asked

“Oh no, that’s it” Zach answered. Ok, I lied, I don’t have pure luck. If I had pure luck, I would never have been friends with Zach, so he can make me arm wrestle my future bully. If Derrick wasn’t threatening everyone, I would have probably been the most popular kid in the 8th grade.

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