Why not?

Jack was born with a special type of optimism. He has the power to make things come true by saying "Why not?"


1. Jack Menance


I was born with what some people call "Powers". I discovered this in the school cafeteria when my friend Zach challenged me.

            "I bet you can’t beat me in an arm wrestling match.” Zach challenged.

                “Pshhh, I can beat you any day” I replied. After I won he then challenged me to arm wrestle the toughest guy in school, Derrick Finnegan. Derrick once was bench-pressing a guy who was bench-pressing 50 pounds.

                “Are you crazy!! You’re going to die. You won’t win” Zach said

                “Why not?” I replied with a smirk.

I went over to Derrick and he said “Is this a joke”. By then there was about 30 kids crowding around us.  After two minutes, let’s just say Derrick transformed.

                After that day, I could do things that were impossible. If I wanted to sit on a hologram chair, that’s what I would do. If I wanted to climb a smooth flat wall, that’s what I would do.





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