My Diary

This is just a diary about me , its nothing too interesting but just some things i do everyday. I guess you cant judge it until you read it ,right?...


1. Day 1

Dear Diary,

    I've never really kept a diary. I have always wanted to but every time i tried i didn't fully know how to or what to write about or if i would come across pathetic to anyway that would stumble across it. This has given me an opportunity to try.

  I must admit , i do not have an interesting life or anything important like Anne Frank. In fact , some people may think of this as tiring, confusing or stressful but i don't know. I'm probably just rambling on now.

 so whats going on in my life at the moment?  Well , I'm growing up . Whether this is a positive thing or negative thing, i'm still trying to decide at the moment. It's not like I'm immature and need to grow up . definitely not . I've always been quite mature for my age. It just as people grow up they tend to change and maybe even notice things more and begin to understand things a lot more. Which I am. 

  As i get older and time goes by , one thing i have noticed is the people that come and go. Maybe , its me. It could be that I would rather spend time with family or people that truly matter then go hang out with an orange girl that i know 100% is gossiping about me and will probably be messaging em a load of hate the next day. Seems like an easy decision for me.

   Next thing I'm going to write about is my social life which mainly i talk to people at school. I feel the need to write about it because i would probably rant more about in the future plus it could be good for me to get this of my chest. 

   There's the girl , who has bullied me since i was about 9 years old. Still is a bully but certainly doesn't bother me as much as you used but i would exactly count her as a friend. Then there's girl number 2. Her and I used to be the best of mates , we would tell each other everything. Until one day she suddenly turned against me and went round the whole school spreading nasty rumors about me and saying some offensive things to people. 

Then there's the next girl. Lets call her Avocado , why not. She doesn't resemble and avocado but its the first thing that popped into my mind. Avocado and I have been friends for many years but her and I know that she is one of the most two faced people but she can also be one of the more nicer ones. We get along but we don't always hang out as much.

  Then there is Pear. (not her real name). She is seen in everyone's eyes as my  best friend. We have been seen as best friends since I was a baby and we were playing puppet shows in the local nursery. But something i have noticed lately is that she says one thing to me then does another. I don't want to say two faced because i don't want to come across as some nasty person.For example , she will say " I hate avocado. They're so annoying" Then as soon as i leave the room pear suddenly hang out with them. Quite odd.

  I don't think i will honestly meet anyone that understands me. Not fully anyway.  Maybe its because I would rather listen to music then test out different lipsticks. There's nothing wrong with trying out lipsticks , Its probably better to test them out before publicly wearing them but anyway. I don't think any of this has made sense. I may of just rambled on for an hour

Anyway , thank you .




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