Era of Steel: Letters of Odiss Bermota

Odiss Bermota, a foreign inventor developing weapons for an impending war between two empires. He hopes to regain respect for his family's legacy, serving the emperor as his father served. However he may find he is stepping into places that no scholar would dare wander.

(This Story is cannon to Morning of Steel.)


3. III

My dear brother, Rodney Bermota.

Arbo Crainer was a fine chemist. I found jars filled with moldy blue bread in his former laboratory. He has been harvesting the substances of the mold to create remedies for infected wounds. I even found a little note of his resurrection of the Elven breath tablet recipe.  

Boil a jar worth of honey in a pot, a handful of chopped spearmint, some myrrh, add a dash of salt. Stir well for several minutes, then drip small dabs of the solution onto a cold surface to solidify.

It will help that bad breath of yours, brother. I doubt your wife has the same love for onions.


I had a visit from Dathren Tarrelius, the elite spymaster. Never trusted that red-haired arse or any in the legion of the Crimson Cobras. They are spies after all, they are trained to lie as though it were an art.  I do not think he likes me much either. Maybe it is my darker skin from our Irosian mother.

I remember a time where Sentrador was seen as the most open minded place in the world. That must have been before the attack and assassination of Ryon Revandion. Now, everyone is paranoid of any foreign wanderers. 

Dathren must have forgotten, that the late Ryon Revandion’s swordmaster was pure born Irosian. He was raised a slave in Iros, then eventually knighted by Ryon himself. It is quite a magnificent story. Then Paul Revandion exiled him for failing to protect his father.

Gods know where that man is now. Yet, I hear rumors that he lives in Riverhood, with his wife and children.

Strange, I thought the man was a eunuch.

Aside from that. One of my latest designs has been cleared for further production. They plan to mount them onto their warships for naval combat. With this design, Sentrador will win every sea battle against the Rejjumans.


Hail to Revandion


Best Regards

Odiss Bermota

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