This about my gorgeous cat Saffy and I origionally wrote this for my English lesson. The picture is of her (it's very edited, though she is beautiful)


1. Slink

She stalks in beauty as a god,
Her face intense but filled with calm,
With paws she moves on small soft pad,
Those claws she hides could cut thy palm.
But nay! A cut would not be bad,
Though her anger bursts like a storm.  
With long elegant strides she slinks,
Long fur so silky and so bright,
Sweet eyes they shine with playful wink,
As pure long whiskers catch the light.
She fills thy heart with love to brink,
When she doth curl to sleep at night.  
And oh! Her silky tail doth swish
When hands dare linger far too long;
To strike a bird a mouse a fish, 
Her paws lash out so fierce and strong.
More loving a cat mine heart shan't wish,
Her goddess gaze fills thee with song!
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