1. Me


My Name is Kelli Stevenson, I do not like Shrimp, Bees, or kinfe, but i do like Food, Making videos, and acting. I wish i was athletic, I want to be an Archetectual Engineer I feel like everyones eyes are on me, because they are.  I am good at science, Gymnastics, and i am very artistic. Usually people will say im special not in crippled kind of way but just strange. I don't know how to do much I am in the 8th grade. I have a long journey and it all started out in the morning

*FLASH to this morning*


Mom: "Kelli wake up its your first day at your new school"

Its my first day at daven glenn Middle School My family moves alot we moved when i was first born when i was, 4, 6, and 10, now im 14 and it is already half way into the school year everyone already has there friend groups. I don't know how i will find any.

Kelli: I am coming mom wait a secound!

I yell out, I get changed in a regualer T-shirt its green i know its not my color but its the first thing on the top of the box. I get some blue fited leggings and a jacket. I ran down stairs to check the time I still have 15 minutes.  I eat ceral, 8 minutes i grab my backpack and my scedule and walked to school maybe about a 3 minute walk. This will give me 5 minutes to talk and go to the office when i walk in nobody is there just a few teacher.


X: Hello I'm Mrs. Green

I turn around school doesn't start for another 5 minutes are you new here?

She asked of course i am why would i have come here early?

Kelli: "Yes i am" Sounding confident I need to go to the office

Mrs. Green right through that door um whats your name?

Kelli: Its kelli and I think i have you for science later 6th period

Mrs.Green great see you then bye kelli

Kelli: Bye Mrs. Green

Then i walked through the door and saw teachears runing around trying to get ready

Kelli: Hello

The all turned and then started working again exept fo one lady she looked sad a fragile like you could break her if you even layed a finger on her.

Kelli: I am new here who are you

Mrs. Standers: Im Mrs.Standers i will be taking you to find your classes and meeting your teachers.

Kelli: Thanks

Mrs. Standers: Lets go

Kelli: Ok

I was scared now 4 minutes till people got there, We made it though my scedule is kind of weird though

Language arts: 1st period Mrs. Lenders

Spanish: 2nd Period Mr. Muders

Math: 3rd Period Mrs. Budel

Art: 4th Period Miss, Carpenter


Social Studies 5th period Mr. Smuther

Science 6th Period Mrs. Green

All about 45  minutes long

1 minutes left

30 secounds

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 0


The bell had rung it has began my first day at school in Daven Glenn Middle School.


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