2. Him

I went to my first class and when i walked in there was my teacher.

Mrs.Lenders: Class this is Kelli she is new (everybody's eyes are on me.)

I felt nervous, scared, terified.

Kelli: Hi (i tried to sound confidence)

X: Hey

X2: Hai

X3: Sup

People kept saying hai then we went around the room and shared eachothers room

My seat near the window then people shared names

Cheyenne: My name is Cheyenne

Jack: My name is Jack

Abbi: Im abbi

Lily: Lily

Lane: Im Lane

David: Your kelli I'm david

Andrew: Hey kelli im andrew

Emma: Emma

Molly: Molly

Bailey: I'm Bailey

I looked at everyone but i looked at lane the most Dark brown hair blue-green eyes I take my seat near the window. Right behind lane. He is looking out the window I wonder if he even notices me looking at him.

Mrs.Lenders: Class today we will be starting our new book Me.

Me it goes through my head me, me i wonder if anyone has even heard of this i haven't.

Mrs.Lenders: This is a very popular book made in 2016 and now i will read it to you.

Great a book but right when she was going to keep talking *RING*the bell to my next class.

All my others classes went well now its the end of the day and I already know lane is in 5 of my classes execpt my spanish me has gym during that time instead. Science went well we will be using chemicals tomorrow what could go wrong! Now i have to try and open my locker my combonation is 7-34-31 I try *Click* It openes i grab everything and start to walk home i should be there at 3 since we get out at 2:55. Time to deal with my family...

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