Can dan and Drago stop Doom from getting his hands on the cores and save vistroyia?


1. A night long remembered.

It was late at night in the Kuso's house hold. Which was rebuilt 2 months after Naga burnt in down, Dan and Drago went to their room."man what a day....Runo finally chose a good movie for once" said Dan as he jumped into bed, Drago let out a laugh "I guess that's true Tigrerra liked it as well" "she told?" "told what?" "how she felt about you?" "no why?" "hehe no reason..". "any ways Drago it's been a long day I'll see ya in the morning ok" "sure thing bro" "good". Drago smiled and Dan instantly went to bed, he walked out the door to get some water as he was walking, time suddenly began to slow down and stopped and a bright light appeared. "Wavern! what brings you here my old friend", Wavern looked sad "wavern? is everything ok?" "Drago... the ancients have kept something from you that would.....tear you apart..I..I", Drago reached out and held Wavern's hand "go ahead just tell me", Wavern started to weep "It would tear you apart.....please don't make me do this..". "Better now then later" "alright.....Drago, when you were born, you wern't the only child...there was another dragonoid...a brother". Wavern then went on telling Drago on how strong their physic link was, and that is one died the other would to, she went on telling how Dan looked human and that it was because Appolinear the pyrus ancient created a skin like costume and implanted flase memories inside Dan and sealed his previous memories to prevent Naga from finding Dan too soon and that Drago's memories were sealed as well. After hearing this Drago got a little angry and asked Wavern how the ancients could do something like this and asked why she didn't tell him this sooner, and Wavern started to cry again "I'm so sorry Drago I'm SORRY" she cried. Drago moved closer and hugged her and she hugged him back "It's not your fault Wavern" "They say you never forget your first love, never do, how is she doing?" "who?" "your girlfriend Tigrerra duh". Drago blushed 'OH! Wavern! I...uh.......geez.....I'm sorry" "hey you don't have to apologise for anything, Tigrerra's great for you, she loves you and you in return love her, I know your thinking that you cheated me but you didn't...I chose this life for all bakugan and vistroyia to endure, you can't stay alone forever and Tigrerra is PERFECT for you, and on top of that you have a little twin to take care of". Drago smiled "heh you're right...I thought my family died but.....they didn't I still have a brother". Wavern unsealed Drago's memory and told him how to unseal Dan's memory and vanished. Drago knew one thing was certain, this will be a night long remembered

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