Love is Red

Love is red.


1. Love is Red

  Love is not pink.
It is is not the squeals of a little girl, 
of a little baby whining in the cradle. 
Not pearls round your neck
or a flower blooming in your soft, soft hair,

Love is not white.
Not the song of an angel,
of the innocent beauty of ethereal light.
Not the heavenly singing from above,
or a dance in tutus around a swan's passing,

Love is not black. 
Not the harsh, gritty sadness,
of an age old fire's remnants.
Not the evil darkness lurking,
or a lie that breaks down the walls of the living,

Love is not purple. 
Not the mystery of a simple mind, 
of death's lullaby to sing you to sleep.
Not the murky depths of an old sea,
or a wicked distortion of concrete old rock.

Love is red.
Love is passion, fire,
it is a great, great inferno, 
it crumbles your life to ash,
Love is the taste of cherry red lips,
of a dress which shimmies down your shape,
of everything just coming together like strings on a piece of fabric,

Love is red.
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