Supernatural sister.

Three siblings, two boys and one girl, witness their mother's paranormal death and are trained by their father, who aims to hunt down the thing that killed his wife.
(I do not own Supernatural. I only own Katrina)


4. Ten years of high school

Katrina's POV~

We were driving in the car to..well, I don't know where on earth we're going. I was sleeping in the backseat though.

"All right, Kat, go get some food." Dean told me when we were at a gas station. 'You've got to be kidding me.' I thought.

"Why me?" I asked, I mean, I was still in my pajamas, but I was wearing Sammy's jacket, what? He left it in the backseat with me, that means it's mine now.

"Because, you're the youngest. So go." Dean told me handing me a forty. "Fill up the tank too." He added.

"Sam is only five minutes older!" I yelled at him.

"Yeah, five minutes older, that means you'll always be five minutes behind, now go get the food before I yell at both of you." Sam said cutting Dean off from saying something else. Dean smiled with the. 'Ha-Ha I win' face.

"I hate both of you." I said then got out of the car. "Oh and Dean, I accidently, spilled some Dr. Pepper in your car, and Sam,  I had to spit out some gum, hope you don't mind that it's in your hair." I told them, then shut the door, but smirked when I heard them yell at me.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS KAT!" I heard them yell from the car., I chuckled, and walked in to pay for the gas.

I decided to get some snacks as well, I got cookies Sam, pie for me, and salad for Dean.

"Here you go thanks." I said then walked out back to the car. "Yo bro's, I got food." I threw the salad at Dean, and the cookies at Sam.

"Whoa, why do I have a salad!?" Dean asked shocked once I got in the car.

"Because, eating pie for your whole life is bad. Plus, I like seeing you suffer." I laughed and ate the pie I got looking at Dean right in his eyes.

"You....Are evil!" He told me then started driving off somewhere...again.

~Some time later because I am lazy~

"So what is this mission imposable we are on? Dear brothers of mine." I asked.

"Since we're almost there, you get the short version, shorty." Dean-O said. "Guy disappears out of no where." He said grinning when I glared.

"Great, that really helps." I said, Sam just laughed at us both, then I saw a bridge and a bunch of cops. "Crap, they're on to me!" I cried and hide behind the seats.

"What are you talking about?!" They both asked.

"I may or may not have stolen from fireworks from Canada." (A/N: Idek)

"You-When?!-Never mind." Sam couldn't say anything after that, then Dean got a box of fake ID's.

"Ooh, fake ID's, why does this remind me of your ten years of High school Dean?" I asked, and took out a card.

"Shut up Kat." He glared, then we got out of the car.

This is going to be bad.






A/N: I'm so sorry it took me forever to write this chapter!!! I've been having a lot of writers block lately.  

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