Why us?


1. Chapter 1

I walk alone. The dark of night surrounding me. It growls at me. I shiver and look around. Someone was following me and I knew it. I walk faster my heels clinking the cement a bit. I hear a deep chuckle. I stop. He couldn't of had found me? I turn and see a shadow. I turn back and see him. I fall back on my ass. 'Zayn!'. He smirks and crouches down next to me. I gulp and he grabs my shirt 'I told you to stay and you run away!'. He growls at me. I feel my heart racing. ' I am sorry Zayn I wont do it again I promise!'. He shakes his head and pulls me up. He takes my hand and pulls me in the alley. He throws me toward Niall. 'Take her back and lock her in her room I will talk to her later. I look at Niall with pleading eyes. He frowns at me and takes me by my hair 'Come on you will want to see the show Zayn will give you!'. I feel 2 light tears roll down my cheek. I dont emotionally cry anymore my mom taught me it didnt get you anywhere. She had recently mad a deal with Zayn that he could have me for 1 hour every gram of weed. So they made the deal. So every time my mom wants or needs weed she trades me for it. I recently started planning my run away. As you can see it didnt even get one bit right. You see Zayn is a mysterious type. He used to be so nice. His laugh would make your soul lift up and now its deep and mysterious. He left his group and went solo but he is slowly gaining them all back. You see I am his little toy. He sits me at bars and I get guys and I pull them out for him to strip them of their money. He had no control. His honey eyes attracted my mom at first. She always thought he was cute. I used to but this hate is raising for him and he isn't cute anymore. Niall had finally pulled me to the black mustang. Its tinted windows reflected my ugly image on it. My black hair tangled in Nialls hand. My dark red lips scared in the middle. My dark grey eye shadow gleaming. Then the mascara dripping down my tan skin. My black skin tight dress clinging to my curves and cut in places. My scars and bruises scattered on my skin. I sighed and got in seeing Harry. He was one of Zayn's old members. I roll my eyes and sat rubbing my bruises. He glared at them making me gradually get madder. I look at him 'Stop staring!'. I look out the window  and Niall looks back at me 'Be nice you dont want Zayn knowing your screaming at his mates!'. I growl 'I dont care I might as well commit suicide!'. Niall stops the car ' I will call ZAYN!'. I stare at him 'Do it!'. He pulls his phone out and facetimes him. He hands me the phone and Zayn answers. In the background my mom was strapped to a chair. She was screaming into tape. I felt a warm tear stream down my cheek. Zayn smiles 'Ready Doll?'. He points a gun to her and shots it. Then blood explodes everywhere. I scream 'Zayn!'. I feel the tears falling everything was blurry. I hand the phone to Niall. I look out the window 'I am going to die!'. We pull up to the warehouse. I sigh as Niall opens my door. 

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