Ever heard of that joke about the lion amongst the wolves? No, well, neither has Vivienne. How was she supposed to know that her life would be the punchline?

Vivienne is a little special. Turns out, her best friend Casey, is also a little special. According to a local legend, they're part of a group called 'The Ascended', who's purpose is to reunite werewolves and wereanimals together.

Can they do it? Can they do what no other person has done and be the heroes that everyone wants them to be? Or will they crumble and fail?

[Cover made by me, but the picture isn't mine. Found it on tumblr]
[not your typical werewolf story]


3. three.

Chapter 3

A fresh breeze awakens me. I open my eyes only to be blinded by the sunlight shining through the half-opened window beside me. Instinctively, I close my eyes and turn my head away from the window. The pillow my head is resting on isn't very comfortable. Now that I think about it, what do they put in these pillows? Bricks? Honestly, the person who made this pillow had no idea what comfort meant. I move my head ever so slightly to get comfortable again (which turns out to be very hard!). I open my eyes to see two blurred figures talking to each other. One of females (now that my vision had somewhat cleared up) is sitting on the edge of the bed; her stunning red hair tickles my skin, making me giggle silently.

Where have I seen that red hair before? Who do I know has red hair...? I rack my brains trying to remember. Red hair...red hair...


Oh! Of course! How could I forget? Recognition passes through my brain as I feel a slight smile growing on my face. Her head rapidly turns towards me, which catches me off-guard. Before her face fully turns towards me, I catch a glimpse of her expression before shutting my eyes. Her eyebrows were knitted together as if she heard a sound. I'm not the best at pretending, you see.

Okay, I'm horrible at pretending. That's probably why I'll never make it as an actress. That and the 'I-shift-into-a-huge-wolf' thing. Well, I haven't shifted yet, my mum thinks that it'll be sometime during my birthday. I won't be surprised if I do shift on my birthday - somehow, all the members of my family managed to shift on their sixteenth birthday. Except my little sister Maya, but then again, she's four...

"Do I have to? Please can I stay?" Casey whines.

She's probably using that puppy dog face that she's perfected over the years. Since her face is full of freckles and she has these big ol' emerald eyes, she is the illusion of a perfect child who can do no wrong. She can fool anyone (including me) into thinking that she's nicest little angel they've ever met. Fortunately, it works most of the time and she normally gets her way.

The woman sighs. She gave in! Thank God for Casey's angel face.

"All right, but let me write you a note so you can give it to your teacher!"

The bed creaks and the cold air envelopes my skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps in its path. A shiver travels down my arm as the door opens.

"Thank you Nurse Greenwood!" She exclaims before exiting the room.

Her footsteps fade into the distance as she travels down the hallway. I listen until I can no longer hear her footsteps. The woman shuffles around, probably sorting out paperwork or reading a magazine.

I recall what Casey said earlier when she had thanked the nurse. Nurse Greenwood? The only nurse that I know of is Martha. She’s been in our school since she was born. She’s this lovely, old woman who welcomes you into her arms, no matter who you are and what you’ve done. of old students who are now either famous or just have achieved something great in their lives. She is part of this school, even my parents remember her. If she had left, everyone would know about it. I’m pretty sure there would be a few tears that will be shed.

She’s even part of the school’s hall of fame. We have this hallway which is covered with photos. I love wandering in there sometimes, just to imagine what it was like when the students were here. I like that nostalgic atmosphere that comes with the photos – like you’re taking a step back in time. You’re not really there of course, but it’s nice to feel a part of something so memorable.

Maybe Nurse Greenwood is new or something. The principal would have an announcement about it in assembly even if she wasn’t a permanent nurse here. So who is she?

Unexpectedly, I feel a hand being placed on my leg and my mind goes into panic mode.  Oh my God, what if she’s a pervert? I haven’t seen a lady pervert before…I’ve never seen a pervert in real life, only on TV. Female perverts are rare, or maybe they just know how to hide better. I’m hoping it’s the former, for all the children of the Earth.

“Hey, what’s this?” She puts her hand on my leg, holding it in place.

Oh my God. What if she travels even further? Calm down, Vivi. Calm down. She’s a trained school nurse; she probably saw a cut or a bruise or something. That’s it, she  just saw a cut or a bruise; she’s just checking it out. While trying to calm myself down, I hear her mumble as she studies my leg.

“Nobilis unum.”

She gasps as her hand slowly leaves my leg. She just keeps repeating that phrase to herself, as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

A plant pot falls onto the ground, smashing into little fragments. Books drop to the floor as she hits a table with a part of her body. There’s a sense of urgency radiating from her, making me feel panicked.

“Nobilis unum.”

The door slams as she struggles to get out. I hear her faintly calling “Jack!” as she rushes up the corridor. I open my eyes to see the destruction that happened in the last few moments. If anyone entered this room, they would think either that I had a horrible tantrum or a tornado had let rip across the room.

Books were everywhere; the glass plant pot’s shards were sharp and illuminated in the sun’s light. Her coat was on the floor and her chair had been knocked over as she rushed to get out. Why had she been rushing?

I looked at my leg, in the exact place that she had looked.  I didn’t see any words written on my leg. I stare harder, expecting to see the words jump out at me. The longer I stare, the more frustrated I feel. There is nothing on my leg! I don’t know why she was in such a rush, but she obviously needs to get her eyes checked.

I frown and reach for my bag, which is on a fallen chair. Something tells me to look at my leg again; I refuse and hop out of the school bed. Suddenly, an intense amount of pain enters my head, rushing from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. Again, something tells me to look at my leg and I immediately obey in fear of the pain.

The pain subsides as I reach down to look at my leg. Lo and behold, a large faint image comes into my view.  As I look closer, I realise that it’s a circle, with a droplet of water inside. The water droplet is huge, and nearly takes the whole circle, but it doesn’t. There are a few words engraved at the side of the circle, but I can’t read what it says.

It looks like I have a tattoo, except I don’t remember ever getting one. 

"NURSE-" Casey almost screams her name, the panic and hysteria is evident in her voice.

Something serious has just happened. I can feel it, I don't know how but something's happened.


My chest tightens as I repeat his name as a mantra inside my head. I clutch my chest, gasping as, what feels like, thousands of arrows attacking my heart. My body becomes weak and I feel everything crashing down around me.

"What happened...? Nala!" She rushes over to me as I fall against the bed, my head hitting the bed frame.

"Nate, what-" I manage to squeeze out, but my throat starts to constrict.

Do not give in, fight.

"He's starting to shift."

I find it harder and harder to breathe as my chest tightens even more.


I take in a small intake of air and feel the oxygen rushing through my lungs. The brief state of euphoria overwhelms me, causing my throat to open. My body suddenly feels stronger as I feel my vision start to improve. Mentally, I build a wall around my heart, preventing the arrows from piercing my heart any longer.

"What do you mean he's starting to shift? His dad said not now!" I begin to worry and the wall starts to crumble.

"But he said it could happen at any time!" She shouts at me, running a hand through her hair. Something she did  when she was frantic.

She's right, he often told me to stay close to him as it could become fatal to the both of us. I thought he was over-exaggerating but took his words to heart anyway. I just felt as if I was going to die, Nate's probably going through ten times as worse.

I scramble to my feet as I hear various people calling my name as they travel towards the nurse's officeI pull Casey to her feet, half-dragging her to the door. Throwing the door open, I grab my bag in time before I'm bombarded with half a dozen students, asking me where I was and if I was alright. Without noticing, I tighten the grip on Casey's hand as I am moved to where Nate is.

She squeezes my hand in response, telling me that she was here. I looked upwards as the students push me towards the field.

Please, please let him be okay.

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