Ever heard of that joke about the lion amongst the wolves? No, well, neither has Vivienne. How was she supposed to know that her life would be the punchline?

Vivienne is a little special. Turns out, her best friend Casey, is also a little special. According to a local legend, they're part of a group called 'The Ascended', who's purpose is to reunite werewolves and wereanimals together.

Can they do it? Can they do what no other person has done and be the heroes that everyone wants them to be? Or will they crumble and fail?

[Cover made by me, but the picture isn't mine. Found it on tumblr]
[not your typical werewolf story]


4. four

  Chapter 4.

“Just a bit further, Vee.”

“What are you doing? Look, he’s over there Vee.”

 Their words become slurred, unintelligible even. I stop, but my body keeps moving. My legs keep on walking towards him. Towards his screams of agony that completely rips apart my heart. I can feel the pain rising through his body. I feel his screams building within him. The pain seems endless. I feel his human bones being crushed as his wolf skeleton takes over.

 I freeze. Everyone else keeps moving around me. Still walking, pushing me towards him with their hands. The wind pushes me back violently, almost forcing me back. My steps become slower, heavier to trudge over to him. My feet keep walking as if there’s a switch telling me to keep walking no matter what. My hair whips violently into my face, as the wind plays with my hair.

 Something yanks me out of reality and into a bright room.  The room is silent, except from the sounds of my beating heart. Ba-bump. Ba-bump.  I lay on the floor, no strength running through my veins to pick myself off from the floor.  With the little strength I have, I sit up with my hand on the floor, supporting the rest of my body. I look up to see photographs on a wall. Different photos of my family and a younger version of me. As I look closer, I realise that these are my memories. Memories starting from when I was born to where I am now. Pure curiosity leads me to focus on the photos. One photo in particular draws my attention. Casey and I are hugging each other, with smiles stretched across our faces. In the background, our mums are laughing at us – most likely laughing at our dreadful attire.


 “Here’s Casey, wearing a Lawanda special.” One of the parents announced into the microphone, clapping with one hand.

 She strutted in, flipping her hair multiple times. As soon as she stepped her foot on the ‘runway’ (which was made out of cardboard), the crowd went wild for her. Most of the boys had a crush on her but she wasn’t interested. We were seven after all; boys had germs at that time.

 Red lipstick was messily applied to her lips and a thick line was dragged onto her cheek. She had sneezed while we were preparing for the spontaneous fashion show. The eye shadow I had used on her was smudged, making her look like an exotic panda. I remember the panic rushing into me as she looked at the mirror. Casey’s face was utterly perfect. She had freckles scattered around her face, each clumped together perfectly. Her green eyes were glittered with golden specks. She was the perfect child.

Yet, I had ruined it. I had ruined her beauty by experimenting. She looked at the mirror and the room fell silent. Few of the girls had walked past and had a glance at her face; they had pushed me into the nearest chair, causing a horrible pain to arise in my leg. I ignored the throbbing ache in my leg and carried on experimenting with our parent’s makeup. She peered at the mirror before standing up with a straight face.

The rate that my heart was beating was abnormal. It was racing so fast, I swore everyone in the room could hear. She stalked closer while I took a step backwards. I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact when I felt her arms around me.

 I wasn’t popular as I had few close friends, Casey being one of them. I used to be severely bullied by Ariel and her ‘friends’. They weren’t actually friends with her, they were her puppets. They latched onto every word she said and obeyed when she commanded something.  It was mostly verbal but sometimes it was physical. It started as the rare name-calling here and there then it got worse as Casey left Ariel for me. Ariel took this to heart, claiming that I stole her friend from her. It started to get physical when Nate had shared his lunch with me; even in those days, Nate was a big hit with the girls – Ariel in particular. She lived to make my life hell, often scheming to see when and how she could embarrass me even more. I had told my parents when they saw a huge bruise on my forehead and the blood stained on my uniform. Ariel had become more violent recently when she saw that I had started to gain more friends than usual. She spread rumours that I didn’t think seven year olds were capable of thinking of. Still, this didn’t affect my sudden increase of friends much to Ariel’s dismay. My parents were absolutely outraged and horrified that this sort of thing could happen between girls. Let alone, between seven and eight year old girls.                My dad was prepared to tell the Alpha and my mum was prepared to tell her mother off for horrible disciplining. I had to beg them not to, telling them to look at the situation in my point of view and how this could enrage Ariel even further. By the time I had finished, my dad’s huge figure had stopped vibrating but he hadn’t stopped pacing. I was scared that he was going to shift out of anger and that could be disastrous for the whole pack. My mum’s hand was still placed on the phone but her grip on it had lessened.

 I remember her looking me in the eye and asking me what the worst she had done to me. I told her everything. From how it started to when she had pushed me in the middle of the road when a car was coming. Thankfully, the car stopped just before it could hit me but Ariel ran away before that. Dad looked at me with utter shock and wrath written on his face, horrified at the fact that I could possibly not be here with them. I remember that he hugged me close after that, the tears dropping down hit my bare shoulders.

 He gripped my shoulders and looked me in the eye, his eyes were full of tears. “Whatever happens, you have to tell us. You come first before any of my duties as a Beta.”

 I nodded silently, too overcome by my emotions. For him to put me first before his Beta duties was startling. When you were chosen as a Beta, your duties were far more important than your own family.  Twisted, I know. That’s why I was so surprised when he put me first.

 Even though Casey was a bit shorter than me, she somehow managed to pick me up above her head and swing me around.  “I look amazing!" She exclaimed loudly, completely unaware that all eyes were now on her. 

 "Really? You really think so?"

 "Yep! I look original! Thank you! Now I have to strut my stuff." She said it all so fast that it didn't register in my brain until she had left the room.

It was silent for a while, most of the girls were probably wondering what just happened. A couple of girls walked up to me, asking if I could do the same look for them.


I made great friends that day and it's undoubtedly one of the best memories I've ever had.

 "And they all involve me!" Casey says.

 Wait, Casey?

 "Yes, it's me. The magnificent Casey!" She shouts.

 I instantly jump a mile in the air at the volume of her voice. I turn around, away from the wall of my memories, to see Casey leaning against something I couldn’t make out.

 Why on earth is she here?

 She rubs the back of her neck nervously. “That’s what I’m not sure about. I’m guessing I’m here in your…whatever, because you were holding my hand when you spaced out.”

 I spaced out?

“Well, yeah. It was kinda scary actually because your eyes rolled back for about a millisecond and I was calling your name, but you never answered. Then I found myself here.”

 I open my mouth to ask her a question but no sound comes out of my mouth. I try again but to no avail. What the-? I can’t even speak in my own mind!

 “Well, duh. It’s your mind. You don’t say, you think!” She snorts, while slapping her forehead stupidly.

 So she can hear my thoughts?

 “How do you think I can understand you? And can you please stop referring to me in third person?” She sighs, leaning on one leg.


“It’s ‘kay.” She crosses her arms, “Why didn’t you ever tell me about what Ariel did to you?”

I dunno. It happened so long ago and she left me alone since the fashion show, so I didn’t think you needed to know.

Something clicks in my mind. Wait you saw that?”

“Saw everything. I’m still-”

Wait what? How did you see that?

“You’ve got no manners in your mind. Your mom would be disappointed.” She shakes her head while tutting

Shut up. How did you see that?

“I don’t know.  While you were reliving your memory, I was dragged into it. I honestly had no choice. I was there with you, like, looking in. Just watching.”

But it was a memory? How could you be there? I don’t remember being dragged in.

“Look, I don’t know how it works. All I know is that I saw that memory.”

I sigh. What am I even doing here anyway? How in the world did I even get here?

“Guessing that has to do with the one who shall not be named.”

I knit my eyebrows in confusion. Voldemort?

“What? No! You’re trapped in your own mind and the first person you think about is Voldemort?  I’m talking about Nate.”

I begin to panic as I start to realise that he’s out there, on his own, suffering the pain of shifting. I should be out there with him, guiding him through it and comforting him. Except…

“You don’t know how?” Her voice echoes around my head, making me feel a little light-headed.


“You’re going to have to face it sometime.”

But I feel so stupid, just saying it! What werewolf doesn’t know how to comfort their mate through a change?

She giggles, “You obviously.

I frown at her, tilting my head slightly at her.

“Just kidding. It’s pretty rare though to not know. I thought it was always innate.”

Way to make me feel better.

“What I mean is that it’s not as bad as you’re making out. Maybe it is bad. But all you need is a little guidance!”

Yeah, that really made me feel better. Thanks.

“Cheer up Nala! From what I’ve seen, you just have to comfort them as you would do if he was sad. Call out his name to let him know you’re there. Your bond is probably one of the strongest that I’ve seen in my whole sixteen years of existence. You know how to comfort him, just search deep for it.”

Her words embed themselves into my heart, making me feel more confident about myself. I smile this time – a real smile.

Casey pauses, cupping her ears. “Do you hear that?”

Hear what? I raise my eyebrows at her.


I listen, half-hoping to prove her wrong. I open my mouth to tell her that she’s being crazy but she puts a finger to her mouth, ordering me to listen. I listen, closely this time.  The faintest sound of rain dropping onto the ground enters my ears and soon enough, something pushes me back into reality. I blink a couple of times to make sure that I’m not seeing things. Voices surround me, urging me to keep moving forward and that Nate is only few miles further down the field. I look down towards my hand to see if I’m still connected to Casey. Sure enough, my hand is entwined with hers. She catches my eye and shrugs, looking as shocked as I am.

The wind becomes stronger, slowing my steps as I get nearer to Nate. I panic. Half of me wishes to run away and not look but a small part of me wants to run over to him and hug him. Casey’s words echo in my ears as I force myself to walk towards him. I know if I run away, he could possibly die. I can’t let that happen. It’d break the pack, his family, and most importantly, it’d break me. I don’t know how I could live with myself if I let him die just because of my stupid emotions.

I won’t let him do this on his own. I let go of Casey’s hand and sprint towards him, fighting against the wind which keeps me pushing back. The weather seems not to like me today.

I shove people out of the way, apologising as I run towards him. My heart breaks when I see him; he’s on the floor with pain etched all over his face. I cradle him, despite the teacher’s warning me that it’s dangerous. He opens his eyes, instantly dragging me back into those crystal clear oceans of his.

It’s just him and I. Nobody else. We’re separated from the world, like it normally is when I’m with him.

He relaxes into my arms, closing his eyes once again. I stroke his hair regularly, letting him know that I’m there.

‘Just search deep into your heart.’

Not knowing what else to do, I do the first thing that pops into my heart.

I sing.

I close my eyes, while still stroking his hair. The wind blows softly, caressing my face. The crowd around us quietens as I sing softly.  I feel his head nestle into my arms and the smile that’s growing on his face.

“You’re the fire that warms me when I’m cold, you’re the hand I have to hold as I grow old, you’re the shore when I am lost at sea, you're only thing that I like about me, and in this world where nothing else is true, here I am still tangled up in you, I'm still tangled up in you.”

A rain drop falls onto my face, taking me out of my trance. I open my eyes, panicking when I see that he’s not in my arms any more. Frantic, I look around, desperate to see where he is.  I stand up, noticing that the crowd is looking somewhere else.  Surely they should be worried for Nate? He just friggin’ disappeared. I walk around to see what all the commotion is about when I see the most beautiful animal ever.

A wolf stands proudly in front of the crowd. His brown and black fur shimmers in the sun, changing the colours of his body. The wolf turns to me and opens his eyes. My breath gets caught in my throat.

A long moment passes before he hesitatingly trots towards me. My hand shakes as I reach out to stroke him. He bows his head slightly, allowing me to stroke him. As soon as my hand touches his fur, he barks causing me to stumble back in surprise.

Then he tackles me to the ground. Being tackled by a person hurts, but being tackled by an abnormally large wolf is even worse.

I hit the ground pretty hard, making me see stars dancing in front of my face. After the stars leave my sight, I look up to see that Nate has a playful wolfy grin on his face. He bends down towards my face, until I can feel the breath tickling my cheek. He licks my cheek, making me giggle.

I stand up, dusting the grass and insects off of my body. I look back to see the devilish look in his eyes, and before I know it, I’m running. I look over my shoulder to see him, running after me.

Why on earth do wolves run so fast? I pant, trying to regain my breath.

I stop and look behind me, expecting him to tackle me to the ground again. When I see that nobody’s there, I look around confusedly. Then something catches my eye. In the distance, I see a huge pack of wolves running in my direction. Leading them is Nate.

“Oh dammit, why do I have to be the only one who can’t shift?” I mumble to myself as I sprint towards the school.


If you've got this far, I love you!

The song that Vivi sings is Tangled In You by Staind.

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