Poetry Competition Entry.
This particular poem delves into the complex mind of a person who wanders and is lost internally.


1. Drifter


N​oun- A colour often associated with calm and neutrality  ( though it can also be used to describe isolation and indecisiveness. )


I see pockets of it on the aged walls.

Coming out of the crack

Crystallised specks of dust

Subtle hues of colours

Always trying to entice me back to room of White

The root of façade , the darkest by right

I drifted across dreams of old

They liked to feast on the deep desires of one's self

​Some were about money, some were about loss,

Some were about the very thing that defines the attributes a of man

Never full, always hungry

Never empty , always fulfilled

They are always in dire need to know the truth

And the truth is what they will obtain

I see the shadows drifting in the background

Waiting relentlessly for a feast.

That of your nightmares

That of your lies.

Reckless affairs.

Dismal skies.

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