Tainted Hearts

*****Poetry Competition Entry****
The poem corresponds to a certain colour which is represented as a feeling


1. Tainted Hearts


Noun - A colour often associated with truth, loyalty but sometimes pain.



Tainted hearts from burning scars will leave the victim fallen apart.

Left to yield in the hands of the demon within.

The voices of people burn holes, like fire as it scars skin

Tick tock.

I feel bruised from all the fights with my mind, the devil that lurks inside me

I wish to lock up the pain and throw away the key

But how I do not know

Yet tainted hearts from burning scars will hit me if I don't let go

I am surrounded daily by the ebony lego bricks that I call home

Constantly reminiscing of the shadows of long ago

They whisper almost silently but enough to pierce me , wreck me

Ostracise me from those who I consider locked by blood

Seeping through the walls of the derelict buildings

Openly welcoming liars of old

Confessions , confessions of multitude by my own

Family, friends, lovers, neighbours

All with shadows to hide

But with every ray of sunshine cast, darkness comes to block out the light

My shadow likes to wonder, my shadow likes to drift

Tainted with the fears that act as an internal rift.

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