To Keep The Memories Alive

Just some little girl who hasn't been alive for a long time. But sometimes it rains, and it brings something beautiful to her life.

Then people move in and suddenly it doesn't stop raining.

Septiplier fanfic don't hate >_<


2. chapter one

The world forgot how to love, much less what love even was. The world was all about sex and faked love. It was all about the boy in your bed or the girl in your head. Nobody loves anymore. Maybe it's just because I'm older, maybe it's because I'm dead, maybe it's because I'm isolated, but the world seemed so much sadder since love left. Almost like love was needed, but since the obsession with premarital sex and money, people seemed to care less. Corrupt men and corrupt women, broken workers and damaged youths, nobody seems to remember what it was like to simply understand the magnitude of loving somebody's soul.

It's been years since I've even seen a human face.

All I see is their souls, what their like inside. Much like a mind reader or a psychic would read a mind, I see their faces. See their inner thoughts and dreams. I see everything.

I guess I know things. Things about this world many don't have time to understand or care to even think about.

So here I am, sitting in my abandoned home, waiting for the world to love again. Waiting for the saints to rule the love of the night.

I'm simply waiting for the world to love again.

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