1. Light

He said he was a candle

An elegant flame

The whispers of embers

Only whispered your name


The shadows, they danced

The life of the fire

Sparks glittered around him

Of burning desire


He brought you to darkness

His ideas now made clear

That his light was dying

And this crammed you with fear


Thoughts prowled in your mind

As disturbing as scars

His existence demonic

His eyes covered with stars


Murky ink clasped the blaze

But deceased with a breath

He slithered towards you

As graceful as death


He said you were a moth

And he filled you with dreams

But his radiance, too close

And it scorched out your wings




The fire that once glowed now

Stalks you with doubt

As he choked that dear candle

And your light- it burned out


He reminds you of a torch

And this made you quake

As he wasn’t a candle

Because candles aren’t fake

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