These are my personal poems which were all created in accordance to a certain colour.


1. Picture Perfect


Good morning, good morning

How do you do?

I'll provide you a smile, but my eyes tell the truth

I'll provide you a laugh, but I want to cry within

We are dolls in our own perfect little world


Picture perfect like a mannequin


But truth be told we live the lives of lone wolves

Devastated in our island of pain

Drowning in our own pool of guilt

With absolutely nothing to gain


Picture worthy like porcelain


Their voices are like hurricanes

Desolating every ounce of self-worth in my mind

Remember, remember, place your doll face and act kind.

Plastic, plastic fake smiles mastered

Everybody thinks that we're perfect

Just because we're picture worthy

Little girl cries herself to sleep, but walks to school smiling

Little boy likes to play games with the shadows who haunt him in the night

With father, oh father , his guilt is his oxygen

Mother ,sweet mother, deceit is her driving force


So are you, are you,

Coming with me?

To take a look in my mind,

Ridden with varied roots of my complex past

But then you can't


For I am a mannequin, dressed to perfection

I am porcelain beautiful yet lacking protection

So I welcome you to my dollhouse

A place where move forward,

When the world lacks direction.

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