The Horrible Human with Horrible Thoughts

Hello. I am the Horrible Human. The Horrible Human with the Horrible thoughts and the Horrible morals and the Horrible personality and the Horrible actions.
I can assure you that I don't have problems. Nothing - whatsoever - is wrong with me. Please, don't look at me like that.


1. The Horrible Human's Happy Dear

Is it such a crime to vent about how shit I feel the human race to be sometimes?


Is it such a crime to be dishonest and lie to everyone about everything?


It is, isn't it? I hope to God, it is to you, Dear, for I am a horrible human with horrible thoughts; a horrible human with horrible tastes and horrible morals. I am morbid.

And this, my Dear, is my way of saying everything that is revolting to you. An indirect speech for you and the rest of the world that knows me. Yes, this is for all you guys, all of you, so that you know all the annoying, frustrating things that you do that make my brain rot in rage and my stomach sour my mouth. All of you have influenced me in one way or another, and I hope you're happy that you have scared and cut yourself into my brain with your laughter, so much so, that I can no longer begin to forget you.

I hope your happy, Dear, that you are the reason I feel like I'm tearing myself apart, the reason I am such a weak, pathetic, horrible, melodramatic asshole that is considered a psycho to most of my so - called friends. I've seen the way you look at me, that conserned, yet fearful look you have for me. And yet, my Dear, I feel that you don't care at all. Yes, you may, but you have certainly not made that clear to me. And if my Happy Dear cannot care for me in the slightest, and will no longer see me as what I so longed for my façade to portray, then you, my Happy Dear, can go. Go and forget me.

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