You're Only Truble

Paris Walker is the sweet, perfect but then again, also a bitch sometimes.
Paris is trasferred from the boring school in LA, to the modern girl school in London..
The sad thing is, boys and girls are separated.

But Paris won't let a stupid rule stand in her ways, she will know every guys, and one off them stole her heart.


1. 1.

I love you with all my boobsI
would say heart,
but my boobs 
are bigger.

Paris P.O.V

When I heard the message about me, going to another school actually freaked me out. I've been on that school all my life, and now we're moving. LA is my home, I can't move now. I'm almost graduated, and I'm going to get a job and live a happy life, with my future husband... Okay, I'm not getting married, I'm too awkward to get a boyfriend. True story.

"Boy... What am i going to do?," I mumble for myself while I was packing my things, going to a new school is going to be hard. I've never done that.

"Paris? Are you done?" I heard my mom call down from the Livingroom, I closed my suitcase and raised "Yeah, I'm done" I yelled back, I took my suitcases with me down to the hallway.

We were heading to the airport; I took my headphones in my ears and took the song 18 by One Direction on.
That song is one of my favourites.

We were finally here, and we walked down the stairs and into the airport to get our suitcases. I was looking down on my phone, while I was walking; which isn't the best decision. 
I didn't even notice I was walking into someone, and now lying on the floor with some random dude on me. 
"Damn it, watch out" I snapped at him, he looked confused on me
"Should I watch out? It was out who walked into me... bitch" I heard him mumble, like he expected me not to hear him "Excuse me! Don't you dare call me a bitch, you prick," I yelled at him, he had a rude expression on his face
"yeah whatever, thanks for wasting my time" I said and gave me the 'elevator-look', I gave him the same rude look, like he did too me, asshole. But he was kinda hot though.

We are finally here, and it doesn't look that bad after all. My mom parked the car and we took my suitcases inside. There was a lot of girls looking at me, could it be more awkward. A lady came towards me and my mother, maybe the principal?

"Hi, you must be Paris" she asked and took my hand and shook it, I nodded my head and gave a smile "Girls, come say 'Hi' to your new classmate, Paris" she yelled at the girls, they all came towards me and welcomed me.

My mom took off to the new house, while I was getting to know the girls; they aren't that bad. But some of them aren't that happy to see me here, but it's there problem.

"So Paris, all the girls are in this house, and over there." Bea said and pointed out the window and over to another house "are the boys house, don't mind if they come over here, they don't bite... Well only if you ask them to do" I hope it was sarcastic said.

I find out I was sharing room with Aria, sweet girl. She had long brown hair, green eyes and a pretty fancy style. We were walking down the hallway, we were sharing room number 21, so it wasn't that far away.

"Just so you know, I has a boyfriend over there, so don't mind if he is coming over here." She said, I nodded, Jesus, I can't talk today.

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