Planet Fall

This is my Warhammer 40,000 story which combines our world with that of the Warhammer universe in an all out war against the Tyranids


5. The United Forces Fleet

In the year 384.M42 the Tyranid threat was becoming more prominent. They were quickly assimilating worlds across the stars and so more and more ground was being lost against them. Because of this a treaty had be created between the major races of the universe in order to combat this threat. A war council was created made up of leaders of the Tau, Eldar, Necron and Imperium races in order to plan how to most effectively combat the threat posed by the Tyranids. It was considered to invite the Orks to join the alliance however in the end it was a unanimous decision that they were too primitive to work effectively within the Alliance.
After months of careful planning and training they had assembled a large fleet comprised of elite powerful units from each race and the different chapters were even able to unite and work together towards the prevention of the threat facing them. The fleet contained armies from just the main factions of the Elder and Necrons however splinter factions of the Tau and Imperium joined the fleet along side the main armies of the Tau and Imperium. The Forgotten Fleet, an Ultramarine company which had been abandoned for their repeated failure and the Tau Royal Legion, a faction who cast out the Caste system in favor of having a royal family were these splinter factions who were part of the United Forces Fleet.
Finally, a year after the creation of the United Council the fleet set out on their campaign to reclaim their lost territories and defeat the Tyranid threat once and for all. For years the force traveled through the stars, pushing back the Tyranid threat. Reclaimed planets were quickly divided up and allocated to the different races to avoid confrontation over the ownership of the planets. All went well and over a decade passed with the treaty remaining strong however as time went on tensions started to rise and the forces of the races who weren't taking part in the purge grew restless. Soon skirmishes started breaking out between the races and it was with this alliance began to fall apart. Before the main bulk of Tau forces had left to defend their territories in fear that they might be attacked. Initially the Imperium made up almost half of the Unitd Forces Fleet but with the departure of the Tau Empire's forces the Imperium majority in the fleet increased which only lead to the rise of tensions within the Fleet itself. The Council knew something had to be done in order to maintain the peace and ensure that the truce didn't break. Something drastic had to be done to unite them otherwise the fleet would collapse into chaos and massive losses would be sustained on both sides.

All around there was shells being fired and the exchange of gunfire as the Eldar Fleet fled from the large forces of the Imperium. The Elder had been scouting the area for several weeks and had finally given the order to send their fleet forward and capture the planet of Onngel in their attempts to re-establish their empire a planet at a time. Currently the bulk of the human forces were engaged in a joint campagin with various other races to try and reduce the tyrinid threat as it was spreading uncontrollably and seeing that this campagin weaked the Imperium's forces, some of the Eldar fleets had taken the chance to try their luck in capturing some of their planets.
Things had gone downhill quickly however. They landed on the planet to find that it was already being besieged by a force of Necrons who had awakened which meant that the planet would of called for reinforcements in order to crush the Necron threat. They started their retreat however as they left Onngel's orbit the Imperium's fleet arrived and promptly begin their pursuit of the Eldar fleet. Now that very same fleet was chasing them down and going in for the kill. As the Imperial fleet begun closing in for the kill a message came through from high command for both sides of the pursuit. As quickly as the fighting had started, it stopped. Both fleets had received the same message, that the United Forces Fleet, a giant force of Tau,Elder , Necron, and Imperium ships from all different chapters, had simply vanished. No communication could be made with the fleet and there was no explanation why. Both the Eldar and Imperium fleet were instructed to change course at once and head to the last know destination of the United Forces Fleet.  

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