Planet Fall

This is my Warhammer 40,000 story which combines our world with that of the Warhammer universe in an all out war against the Tyranids


2. A Different Universe

On the plant Earth of our universe, it was a normal. The days came and went with not much change and for myself and my friends, Haydon, Mathew, Lewis and Jamie we were busy working hard almost all the time with all the school work we had in preparation for our final exams which started in just over three months time. Throughout the week we would have to work hard at school in our lessons then we would all arrive at our different homes afterwards weighted down by homework. The only respite arrived at the weekend on Saturdays when our rag tag group of five could escape into the fantasy world of Warhammer 40,000. Little did we know it was less of a game than we thought. 

I myself commanded the great armies of the Tau empire, fighting for the greater good. I was leading a never ending campaign to unite the entire universe under one banner. Mine. The others all played different races, Haydon was a Dark Angels player, fighting alongside Jamie's Ultra Marines in their quest to eliminate all heretics and intelligent non humans. The other two played the oldest races, Mathew was an Eldar player fighting for survival, on the brink of extinction, while constantly clashing with their ancient enemy the Necrons which so happened to be the race that Lewis played as he fought with them to reclaim their lost worlds.

It was a Saturday and as always we were down at The Pit, our local gaming shop. We were there almost every Saturday to escape from the hassle of school and the pressure of exams and unlike Games Workshop it was a shop at ease. Here we didn't have to book a table to play on in advance and pay for it, we could play however we wanted without them restricting us and controlling how we played 'their' game, and best of all we got a 10% discount and could eat food and drink there because they sold it and there was a cafe next door. I was upstairs and in the middle of a game against Jamie, our two armies fighting or control over a hostile planet. Haydon and Mathew were playing Magic the Gathering in the corner on a different table, testing out the new theme decks they had just bought for the latest expansion. Suddenly in the graveyard in the middle of the battle field myself and Jamie fought from a Necron attack force emerged, disturbed from their slumber by the fighting that was taking place. Lewis had arrived in the game. As he sent his Royal Court at Jamie's Space Marines I took the opportunity to fall back and shoot at the new threat that had arisen on the battlefield. Grinning i used my Firebase Support Cadre to down Lewis' Doomsday Ark. I then unleashed my KV128 Stormsurge's cluster rockets to tear through his Necron Warriors, taking out over 250 points of his army with just four units. 

After a couple more turns the game drew to a close with Lewis' Royal Court being slain by Jamie's Land Raider who's death was caused by the remnants of my Firebase Support Cadre which was now down to just my Riptide as it had been a main target throughout the game. We packed up out stuff and headed off home ready for another week of school not knowing what was looming ahead.

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