Planet Fall

This is my Warhammer 40,000 story which combines our world with that of the Warhammer universe in an all out war against the Tyranids


1. Prologue

On a small planet in a distant far off galaxy a blackness fills the sky and the screams of the natives fill the air as the swarm descends. Families quickly flee from their homes, panicking as they run from their villages already know what will be their fate. They had a head start. A few hours maybe more but they it was not enough. The swarm were upon them all too soon. Catching up to the crowds of people the monstrosities started chattering among themselves. Preparing to feed. Running from the monstrous beasts the old, feeble and ill go first succumbing to the vast swarms. One old man has a walking stick which aids him to walk but he has fallen behind the rest. Turning to face the enemy know he has no chance now separated from the group he brandishes his stick like a staff waiting for them to come at him but he gets shot down by the ones with guns before the swarm even get close to him. Next it is the young that go whom have wandered off from their parents and ones that have been forgotten about in all the confusion. A small child only four or five approaches one of the beasts, curious about this new thing. Looking to make sure she still has her child with her his mother sees he has gone. She sees him from the corner of her eye and screams his name just in time to see the blade that replaces the monstrosity's arm pull out of her child. He was only young. He was five years old at the most. He had blonde curly hair and blue eyes. He was clutching his favorite toy still. A raggedy old teddy that he has had since his birth. He was dead. Dropping to her knees she wept allowing the crowd to pass round her. She knelt their on the ground as they came, and they bit her and stabbed her and clawed at her and she knelt and cried as they tore her apart, eating her alive.

After hours of fleeing, finally their destination could be seen.

But it was too late. The swarm had caught up with them. They were dead.

From the fortress the forces of the Imperium watched. They saw the large crowd approaching, followed by the black shadow of death. Expecting the order to help the guardsmen waited but no order came. Turning to their commander they waited expecting again for him to instruct them to help the people but he just shook his head.

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