*Winner of the Bad Boy Fanfiction Competition* "Maybe you are broken. Maybe you're a smattering of jagged reds and dreamy blues and vibrant greens and sunny yellows, but Harry, all Kaleidoscopes are made of broken pieces, you know that. And still, they're all beautiful once you look past them, aren't they?" |In which she only saw the good, but he could only be the bad.


7. some nights


"I'm like a fucking pariah." He said, his voice firm and strong despite the implication of what he was saying. He almost regretted letting his guard down, but it was something that had been bothering him as of late. 

"Don't be so melodramatic."

He smirked, "I'm telling you what I feel and this is the response you give me. You're such a great friend." He laid back upon the car, in the same position he had been all those years ago when he loved watching the skies pass by above him. 

She too watched him with the same whimsy, as if she were six and wondering what the world had waiting for them. 

"Fuck 'em." She said, intertwining his rough, callused fingers with hers, knowing that in less than ten seconds he would unwrap his grasp form hers. Still she would relish the contact. 

Typically he would pull away from her, but today something would not let him. Perhaps it was that same capricious whim that kept overtaking him as of late whenever he was near her. He knew it was dangerous, more so than he was made out to be. 

"I don't think your mother would appreciate such unlady-like language." He chided playfully. 

"I believe she has bigger things to worry about." She replied, pointedly looking at him. 

"Oh, do you mean me?"

"I mean, you're such a bad influence."

"Baddest boy of them all."

She smiled to herself, his hand still intertwined in hers. Some nights they were alright. Those were the ones she wanted to keep with her forever. More fractured pieces she would one day put together, when he finally fell completely apart. 


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