In a world, now accepting of supernatural, mythical and alien - Cretalians. However, with ordinary Cretalians there are purebred beings of mythical, supernatural and alien descent called - Resoncretalians.

In the year 3456, planet Earth. Kalverya Nindo, lives a life of a struggling assassin, dealing with jobs that no ordinary woman would dare take on. But that's the catch. Kalverya is no ordinary woman. With above average reflexes, stamina, strength and speed. She's the most inhuman human there is in this world.

As her memories of her past remain hidden, she learns that the dangers of the glassy world where monsters walk freely among humans a world filled with angels, demons and aliens - none like ever seen before. She discovers will soon discover the truth about herself and the underworld deception that plagues the human race. There's one real question that remains: will she care enough to save the human race?


1. Prologue


No one ever tells you how things will end. Instead, they just do. No one ever cared and when they did – they betrayed me. After all this time, running ramped was all that was left of me. I had no memories, no family and above all no future. If someone were to scream and beg for their life I wouldn’t give diddly squat. However, if someone offered something to me of value then maybe I’d reconsider . . . maybe. Depending on the person, that is.

Sometimes I wondered what it would be like to be like those other women without a care in the world for those around you. Instead, I always cared, I didn’t know why or the reason – all I knew was that something horrible had happened and I was left to suffer alone.

So I took my vengeance. I did everything in my power to make others suffer because I could. With the power to walk through walls and above average super strength and speed, I was invincible. I took what I wanted and I didn’t care who was bothered but over time as I began to understand the darkness of this retched planet Earth – I knew there was something that could be better used of my time – enemies became my play things and those who thought they could control me learnt the hard way that I wasn’t someone that could be controlled. I was always full of surprises. Like now as I watched my target move through the crowd of people, broad daylight was when I would strike. Not at night – the night I dealt with those of Hell – the demons or monsters that claimed to know of me.

In the end, they ended up like enemies – shredded away into nothing or in body bags. I preferred the body bags, that way I could look upon those who did me wrong one last time, delving in the satisfaction of an accomplishment. They were only the humans; I’ve known for a while now that I wasn’t human – not like the other women. I’d often be a target because I was female but I relished in that, better they come to me then, me having to go out of my way to hunt them down. Miles Walker an accountant clerk, and my next target. Sauntered through the throng of New Yorkers and I kept my distance. He had the schedule of taking coffee with a newspaper at a small café not too far from Times Square.

Yellow taxis honked and hollered as personal cars sat in traffic. I wondered why anyone even bothered driving to work. To me they were wasting their fuel, then again, it was the year 3456 and I was certain their fuel was now eco-friendly. However, given the excessive heat now weighing down on us, I also knew that their effort to save the planet had been in vein, as a small percentage recycled and attempted to live wasteless lives. Miles continued on route for Hilton Garden Inn which was seven minutes away. Heading south, I dodged everyone and anyone that I considered an obstacle. Keeping my eyes on Miles.

He easily shifted through the crowd, across the road and over to hotel, Hilton Garden here I followed him. He moved through the crowd with ease and I watched as he entered the building. I turned my heel and headed into the opposite building. I would have a perfect vantage point. Nothing was going to be easy I knew that – this was going to cause gossip on the news. As usual, I cared but became numbed to each ridicule they spoke or flung around. I was the enemy – I was the monster but like some, I was certain I wasn’t always like that. I knew I hated humans more than I hated the outlanders and they were a problem.

I passed the lobby and headed for the fire stairs around the corner. Standing in my black mid-thigh length trench coat, I didn’t feel like I stood out at all. Several people spotted me but I aimed to act as ordinary as possible, as I had no choice to if I wanted my plan to succeed. Stumbling fluidly up the stairs, I made my way to the roof, keeping my leather gloved hand in my jacket pocket. I made my way to the top of the building pressing open the door, I dropped a brick that I had pinched from beside the door on the ground, I shoved it between the door. To keep it from closing. I moved over to the edge of the building that displayed a clear view of his office layout – he was in my reach. My plan was ready to be carried out.

These thoughts of fear continued to tickle at the back of my mind – hindering my movements. I was afraid of them but also detested them. I knew that as long as I kept my guard up I’d be safe, even though I may need to go on a high dosage of medication to numb my heart and mind. Something, I was certain would save me in the end. I wanted to know the truth, I didn’t want to play games any more, even though I’ve lost sight of the light – I knew there was nothing else anyone else could do to save me as I would forever be a gift of the darkness that flooded through me. My plan I knew was something that would play out very carefully and precisely.

I wanted to understand what was occurring better yet, I needed to draw out a certain someone.

My target was a small simple man but he had dealings within the black-market something that was going to get him into trouble – with me that was. He moved easily to his desk. His movements were quick and precise. He reminded me of a panther the way he moved.

I dug for my power and felt my hand heat within moments I held a crossbow. I smiled, this would be cake. I aimed the crossbow at him making sure my scope matched up. I smiled and fired. Screams so loud rang out as he sat clumped in his seat. I de-summoned my large silver crossbow, heading to the door, I proceeded down the stairs and turned escaped out a door on level seven. The emergency exit allowed me to enter a hallway. I noticed, no one realised what happened. The police would be altered by now. I was quick to turn my black trench coat inside out, feeling my features heat. I walked passed a glass and watched as my black hair turned brown. I pulled it out and headed to the elevator. I stood between two security guards aware I looked completely different that was only confirmed by my blond Caucasian appearance in the reflective glass. I quit the elevator and exited the building with an objective complete at the forefront of my mind.



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