naruto and sasuke get mairied ( script )

well so naruto and sasuke always made a cute cupple so why not have them get mairied


1. naruto and sasuke get married

Naruto and Sasuke Get Married : )  

Minoto: Are you sure about this son 

Naruto: Yes dad I'm sure it's better than marrying a mad bride 

Minoto: Ok if you say so 

           (Sasuke walks out getting ready to walk down the aisle) 

Sasuke: Ok, let's do this 

        (Sasuke looks where Kakashi is suppose to be)

Sasuke: Where is Kakashi?

Naruto: I don't know he is suppose to be here by now !!!!

Minoto: He must be running late ( says suspiciously like he knew why )

    (Kakashi walks through the door)

Kakashi: Sorry that I'm late ok let us begin 

Naruto: How could you be late on the most special day of mine and Sasuke's life 

Sasuke: Just forget it let's begin 

    (The music plays Sasuke walks down the aisle in a wedding dress) 

Kakashi: We gather here today 

        (Kakashi is interrupted)

Naruto: Just skip this part, just get to the point 

            (Kakashi scans the special book)

Kakashi: Do you Naruto take Sasuke to be lovely wedded husband 

Naruto: I do 

Kakashi: Do you Sasuke take Naruto as you lovely wedded husband 

Sasuke: I do 

Kakashi: May we do the exchange of rings 

        (Naruto and Sasuke look at Minato, Minato gives Naruto the box) 

Naruto: Thank you dad 

        ( Naruto hands the box to sasuke)

Sasuke: Is this some sort of joke Naruto 

        (Naruto looks in the box where are the rings, both Naruto and Sasuke look at Minoto) 

Naruto: Dad where are the rings , and what is behind your back 

Minoto: Ummmm nothing son 

(Naruto grabs the items from behind his dad's back) 



Naruto: Our rings dad (mad face ) 

Kakashi: Ok let's continue 

    (Puts the rings on each other finger )

Kakashi: Naruto you may kiss your husband 

    (They kiss) 

Minoto: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo      


Sasuke: Wanna go get started on that list of things to do 

Naruto: Yes 







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