I'm Yours

I'm Taylor Stiles. I'm new. I'm a sophomore in high school. I just moved to Sydney, Australia. I didn't think I would like this school, until I met Ashton Irwin...


2. The First Day

Author's Note: Hey guys! I'm Katie and this is my first story! I'm actually really excited. I know it's boring so far but I promise it will get better and soon. Maybe this chapter... *wink wink*


I woke around 7:00 for school. I decided to go with a nirvana crop top and ripped black skinny jeans with my black converse and a beanie. I straightened my hair, I usually curl it but ya know. My Aunt lives close to the school so I just walked.

When I got to school, I walked in and everyone literally stared at me. Now, I hate being stared and I usually get pissed but I decided to ignore everyone and go to the office to get my schedule. I walked in the office, got my schedule, and went to my new locker. On my way I bumped into this girl by accident. 

"Watch where the fuck you're going!", she said.

"I didn't mean to bump into you I'm sorry... Bitch...", I said under my breath.

"Excuse me?!", she said.

"Nothing, nothing at all.", I said with a sarcastic smirk.


After that little incident, I finally go to my locker and across the hallway I saw this really cute guy. He was talking to his friends. 

"That's Ashton Irwin and his friends: Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings. They're on the football team."

"Oh, cool I guess. Umm.. Who are you?", I said.

"Oh! Sorry my names Hunter Owens. And you are?", he said.

"Taylor Stiles. I'm new. And you probably knew that haha...", I said awkwardly.

"Well hey Taylor! I see our lockers are right beside each other. Anyways, what's your first class?", he said.

"History with Mr. McCall. And you?", I said.

" I have the same thing. Oh and we have that class with Ashton and Michael.", he winked.

I just smirked and we walked to class together.


We got to class and we sat in the back so no one would really notice us. In the middle of the lesson, I felt eyes on me. I looked around the room and noticed Ashton. In the front right corner staring at me. I realized that I was staring for too long so I quickly looked away. In the corner of my eye I saw him laugh a little.


Soon class ended and as Hunter and I walked out of the room, I saw Ashton looking and smiling at me once again. I looked his way but quickly looked away because I saw the girl I had bumped into walk up to him. I learned that her name was Vanessa and that she was cheer captain and also his girlfriend.


~Ashton's POV~


I saw her. I knew she was new because I've never seen her before. She looked gorgeous. We had first period together. Michael sat behind me. He was also staring at her.

"Damn, she's hot. I heard her name was Taylor Stiles...", He said but I wasn't really paying attention.

"Ashton...?", he said taking me out of my gaze.

"What?", I said.

"Were you paying any attention to what I said?", He asked.

"Psshh, ya.", I said.

"What'd I say then?", He asked.

"Okay, you caught me. I didn't hear anything you said.", I admitted.

As soon as I said that the bell rang for class to be dismissed. Michael and I walked out to meet Luke and Calum for lunch. Taylor and this guy were the last people out of class. She saw me and smiled but as soon as Vanessa walked up to me her smile disappeared and she walked away.


We got to lunch and I saw Taylor once again with that guy. I think his name is Hunter. I heard her laugh and it was the cutest laugh I've ever heard. As I was staring at her, Luke nudged me to go get food with them. Luke and I got our lunch and sat down. Vanessa came over and sat on my lap.

"Hey baby, I missed you this morning. Where were you?", she said.

"Yea sorry, I had to catch up with some of the guys. I'll be there tomorrow morning I promise.", I said.

Vanessa walked away and I looked over to where Taylor was sitting but I didn't see her there anymore. I looked around but she was nowhere in sight. So I just sighed and ate my food.


~Taylor's POV~


Hunter and I walked to our next class which happens to be gym. We have gym with all the boys from the football team and those bitches from the cheer leading squad. I went in the locker room to change into shorts and a T-Shirt. Today we were playing dodge ball. So Hunter and I decided to sit this one out. We were on the benches talking, when a dodge ball hit my nose and I fell. I got up with a bloody nose. I heard Vanessa and her friends laughing. As Hunter quickly went over there to tell them off. Ashton ran over to see if I was okay. 

"Oops, I'm sorry I didn't see you there.", Vanessa said with a devilish laugh and walked off to her friends.

Ashton helped me to the nurse.

"So your names Taylor, right?", he asked with a smile.

"Yea, Ashton, right?", I asked.

"Yea, I'm so sorry about Vanessa. She can be a...", I cut him off.

"A bitch? Yea I noticed". He laughed.

"Well, yea. I'm not gonna deny that.".

We arrived at the nurses office and I told him he could leave which was what he did after he asked if we could be friends. Of course I said yes. I gave him my number so he could text me if he wanted to.

After the nurse fixed up my nose, I went back to gym, which was over.

Soon the day ended and I walked home.


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