I'm Yours

I'm Taylor Stiles. I'm new. I'm a sophomore in high school. I just moved to Sydney, Australia. I didn't think I would like this school, until I met Ashton Irwin...


9. Meeting the family

~2 weeks later~

~Taylor's POV~


Ashton took my parents thing pretty well but he always asks me if I'm okay. Which is really sweet. It shows me he really cares about me and my feelings. It's comforting to see how much someone cares. All the boys now know about my parents. They are really overprotective of me now. Now I get to meet Ashton's family. I'm so nervous. What if they don't like me? Ashton's picking me up around 6:00 and it's currently 4:30. I'm currently laying on my bed thinking of what I should wear. I got up and went to my closet. I called for my Aunt Jess to help me pick something out.

We soon decided on a short, white black laced dress, with black heels. I don't normally wear heels but this is an occasion, I guess.

Ashton came on time and we were off. We finally arrived at his house. We walked into a huge house with white tiles and spiral stairs."Whoa", was all I could say.

"Ashton, is that you?", I heard a woman's voice say.

"Yes Mum. This is Taylor, my girlfriend.", he said with a smile.

"Hello, it's so nice to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you! I'm Anne!", she said with a huge smile.

"Hello! It's so nice to meet you too.", I said returning the smile.

"Dinner is ready if you guys are hungry", Anne said.

We walked into the kitchen to see a table full food. We got our plates and sat down as Anne called for Lauren and Harry, Ashton's siblings. They sat down next to Anne.

"So Taylor, is Ashton treating you right?", she asked.

"He treats me like a princess.", I said with a smile.

"Good! If he treats you badly tell me and I'll talk some sense into him.", she said with a laugh. I laughed along with her.

"Ashton, how's the football team doing?", she asked looking at Ashton.

"We are doing great. We only have like 4 games left.", he said.

"Taylor, you are gorgeous by the way. Ashton you should keep her." Ashton laughed.

"I was planning on it.", He said winking at me.

Lauren mumbled something under her breath.

"Lauren!", Anne yelled.

"Taylor isn't going to do that.", she said calming down a bit.

"Maybe we should go.", Ashton said looking worried.

"Alright. Well, it was very nice meeting you Anne, Lauren, and Harry.", I smiled and waved.

"Bye sweetie! I hope to see you around more often.", Anne said with a smile.

We got into Ashton's car and drove to my house.

"Thank you, for tonight. It was fun.", I said with a warm smile.

"You're welcome. I'm sorry about Lauren. She doesn't usually act like that.", He said with a sad look in his eyes.

"It's okay really. I had fun.", I smiled.

"Well I should go in. Bye Ashton." , I kissed him on the cheek.

"Bye Princess. I'll give you a ride to school tomorrow and every morning after that. I love you.", he said smiling to himself.

"I love you too Ash.", I said smiling back.


Author's Note: They said I love you! SO cute! Haha!



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