I'm Yours

I'm Taylor Stiles. I'm new. I'm a sophomore in high school. I just moved to Sydney, Australia. I didn't think I would like this school, until I met Ashton Irwin...


3. Later That Night

Author's Note: I know I said it would get interesting in the last chapter but this one I promise!


After I got home from school, I went into the kitchen to get a snack when my Aunt came in the door.

"How was your first... Whooooa, what happened to your nose?", She asked with a surprised look.

"Gym happened. And my first day was great!", I said with a smile.

"Any new friends? Any cute guys?", she asked with a smirk.

"Yea I made a friend. His name is Hunter Owens.", I said as I blushed thinking about Ashton.

"Oooohhh! Who's the guy?", she asked with a wink.

"Well, his name is Ashton and we're friends... I think.", I said with a confused look.

"Well, I'm sure he's great. Now I gotta go do some paperwork. You can have the car to go get paint and decorations for your room.", she said with a smile.

She gave me the keys and I went to the store.


When I got back, I went upstairs to my room and started painting.

After I finished, my Aunt calls me down saying there was someone at the door for me.

To my surprise it was Ashton.

"Hey. What are you doing here?", I said nervously.

"I came to pick you up. I want you to meet my friends.", He smiled.

"You do realize you have my number, You could've texted me. Let me change and I'll be right back.", I said.

I went and changed into a batman crop top with jeans.

I went back downstairs, told my Aunt I was going out, and got into Ashton's car.

"So why am I meeting your friends? I mean I barely know you.", I said as I giggled.

"Well. we'll get to know each other ad you're new so I think you could use some more friends.", he said returning a smile.

So as we drove asked me questions and I asked him some so we got to get to know each other. Turns out we love the same bands and we have similar hobbies. We arrived at his house where I met his mother, Anne Marie and his brother and sister Harry and Lauren. We went down to the basement where the boys were.

"Everyone, this is Taylor Stiles. She's new to Sydney and I want her to feel welcome in our small group.", He smiled when he said my name.

A tall brown haired boy got up and said, "Hi, I'm Calum. It's very nice to meet you.", He smiled.

A tall blonde haired boy got up also and said, "I'm Luke! You are gorgeous. Just to let you know Taylor."

"Well thank you.", I said as I smiled.

Then a boy with red hair got up and said, "Hello, I'm Michael! I dye my hair a lot."

"I like your hair Mikey!", I said as I smiled.

"Thank you Tay!"

I looked over at Ashton who seemed to be getting a little annoyed so I walked over there and smiled. He smiled back.







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