what i felt when my friend was gone


1. when she was...

she looks into the mirror, looking for a path within her soul
she is a dark princess, an evil angel, a heart made of stone

why should We smile when tears falls easier
why We run on flames when the ocean is deeper

she plays her guitar, for a so far
the mirror cracks bleeding black, screaming your old song back

come, listen as her fingers plays, the cords of my heart
looking for the shiny hollow stars, you lost the silver moon from the start

forgive my foolish eye, I was so blind, you smile shine from above
Venus cries for broken hearts, every time we lose a friend for love

I miss you my friend, miss the way you hold my hand
I’ll set fire in my poems, close my eyes, forget all you have ever said

kiss away the pain, whip the tears of my face
I’ll send you my last poem that I’ll never erase

my friend, my beautiful nightmare, my life will never be the same
i feel like i'm six feet beneath, feeling like i lost my game

losing leafs like a tree, i know that without you i'm free
i'm a doomed man now, a happy walking dead , so let it be

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