Katalina is daughter of Bellatrix. Her mother gave her up for adoption as soon as she was born. All her adoptive parents were either abusive or they didn't care. She was constantly running from away. She was accepted into Hogwarts and that became her home. What will happen when people discover who she really is?


7. The Twins

Katalina's POV

        Jax caught up with us on our way to the Great Hall. "Great way to make an impression. Be late for class on the first day."
        Cora scowled at me, "She wouldn't get up until I told her she was going to be late for McGonagall's class."
       "Let's not be late for anymore classes today," I said. 
        Jax nodded, "So where do you guys want to go for free period?"
        Cora shrugged, "Let's go explore."
        We wandered around looking at paintings and peering into classrooms. Suddenly we heard someone say, "Psst!" We turned and saw Fred and George hiding in a cupboard. We ducked in with them. I was a little squished, but we managed to fit.
        "What?" Asks Cora clearly annoyed she had to be forced into a closet just talk to the twins.
        "How would--"
        "You like--"
        "To pull a prank--"
        "On Professor Snape," they finished together.
        "You haven't had his class yet, so he won't suspect you. It's perfect, " exclaimed one of the twins. Fred I think.
        "What's so bad about Professor Snape?" Asked Jax.
        "He takes off points for no reason--"
        "Only from Gryffindors though--"
        "Yeah he favours the Slytherins--"
        "One time--"
        "He gave us--"
        "Detention for--"
        "I'm in, he sounds nasty," said Cora.
        "Me too," I said.
        Jax sighs, "Well I guess that means I'm in too."
        The twins grin, "Perfect." They give us instructions on how to pull the prank. We're going to turn Snape's room and classroom into a glitter bomb of pink. We decorate his stuff all pink and glittery. Jax and Cora are in charge of the decorating. I'm going to turn Snape's clothes pink. His clothes will look like normal black robes until someone says the trigger word.
        The twins ran off to cause a diversion, while we sneaked into Snape's classroom, office, and bedroom. Jax and Cora immediately set to work on the decorating and I headed straight for his closet. 
        I tapped each item of clothing with my wand muttering, "Malepiffious." After ten minutes I finished my task and headed out to see how Jax and Cora were doing. Jax was finished and Cora was just adding the last of the glitter.
        I put the same concealment spell I used for the clothes on the rooms too. Cora motioned to me frantically that Snape was coming. We slipped out just as he arrived storming past us. Snape didn't notice us as he was too busy muttering about 'stupid twins' and 'troublemakers'.
        Jax and the twins were waiting for us in the cupboard. They looked at us expectantly as we closed the door.
        "Mission accomplished," said Cora smirking.
        "The prank will activate once we say the trigger word on Friday," I explained.
        "Why?" They whined.
        "Because we carried out the task, so its fair we get to see his reaction," said Jax.
        "Besides you'll probably hear his screams anyway," I said imaging what Snape's face will look like. Especially because I added an extra twist to the prank. His clothes will not only turn into pink sparkly robes, they will turn into a pink sparkly tutu.
        "True," said George. Or at least I think it was George.
        "Anyway thanks for helping us with the prank," said the other twin.
        "It was great doing business with you," said Cora.
        "Speak for yourself. Do you have any idea how much trouble we'll get in?" Exclaimed Jax.
        I ignored him, "We'll be happy to help you prank any time." Jax glared at me. I rolled my eyes, "Correction. Me and Cora will be happy to help you prank anytime."
        "Wait before you go, what are your names?" Asked Fred.
        "I'm Cora," Cora said pointing to herself, "And this is Jax and Katalina." She said pointing at us. 
        "Thanks again, and bye." Said the twins leaving.
        "Well that was fun," I said. Jax rolled his eyes at me.
        "What? Look me in the eye and tell me you are not the least bit excited to see Snape's reaction."
        "I want to see his reaction, but I don't think we should be pranking teachers," he said as we headed toward the portrait hole.
        "Party pooper," said Cora.

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