Katalina is daughter of Bellatrix. Her mother gave her up for adoption as soon as she was born. All her adoptive parents were either abusive or they didn't care. She was constantly running from away. She was accepted into Hogwarts and that became her home. What will happen when people discover who she really is?


6. Cousin

Katalina's POV

        "Hello Draco," I say, "What are you doing here?"
        "What are you doing here?" Asked Draco. 
        "I asked you first."
        "Fine, I was exploring." I raised and eyebrow. "It's true!" He insisted.
        "I was running away from Peeves who tried to blame me for knocking over all the suits of armor in the corridor below."
        "So that was the crashing that I heard."
        "Yeah whatever, I'm going now."
        "Wait," said Draco grabbing my wrist. "Do you know about your parents?"
        Does he know something? "All I know is that they are murderers, and that's all I need to know." I yanked my arm out of his grip and stalked off. What was that about?

Draco's POV

"All I know is that they are murderers, and that's all I need to know," she said as she pulled away from me and stormed off. Well she's got a point. Can't blame her for not wanting to get caught up in the family drama.

Katalina's POV

        What was that about? I wondered as I entered the Gryffindor common room. "There you are!" Exclaimed Cora.
        "We came back 10 minutes ago we were so worried," said Jax,
        "Sorry guys I ran into Draco," I said.
        Cora scowled, "What did he do to you?"
        "Nothing really he just asked me about my family."
        "What did you tell him?" Asked Jax.
        "What I told you guys, that they are murderers and I want nothing to do with them," I said. "Now we should get started on homework."
        Cora opened her mouth to protest, but Jax interrupted her. "You're right, we don't want to have too much homework. That way we can enjoy the weekend."
        Cora looked at both of us and realized she was defeated. She did an exaggerated sigh and pulled out her books. We worked into the night and by the time it was midnight we had finished almost all our homework.
        "Alright people," yawned Cora, "if want to keep doing your homework be my guest, but I'm going to bed." She threw her books in her bang and dragged it upstairs.
        "Me too, goodnight Jax." I followed Cora's example and dragged my bag upstairs. I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep. 
        I woke up the next morning to someone shaking me violently. "Five more minutes..." I mumble pulling the covers over my head. 
        "Wake up Kat! You missed breakfast!" Yelled someone.
        "Yeah whatever..." I mumbled into my pillow.
        "You're going to be late for McGonagall's class!"
        I jumped out of bed. I CAN'T BE LATE FOR MCGONAGALL'S CLASS! I see Cora standing over me with a satisfied smirk. "WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP EARLIER!" I yelled.
        She scowled at me. "I was trying. This is why you shouldn't stay up late for homework."
        I threw on my robes and grabbed my bag. "Let's go!"
        We ran through the hallways and by the time we got the the Transfiguration classroom we were both sweating.
        Professor McGonagall looked up, "Ms. Cadwell, Ms. Gold how considerate of you to grace us with your presence. Would you mind explaining why you are late?"
        "We kinda overslept." I said.
        "Five points from Gryffindor and detention today with me, Ms. Cadwell and Ms. Gold."
        We nodded and took seats at the back of the room. I could still feel everyone's eyes on me. My face flushed red and I bent down over my Transfiguration textbook. "Next time," muttered Cora, " when I say wake up you better wake up."

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