Katalina is daughter of Bellatrix. Her mother gave her up for adoption as soon as she was born. All her adoptive parents were either abusive or they didn't care. She was constantly running from away. She was accepted into Hogwarts and that became her home. What will happen when people discover who she really is?


5. Classes

Katalina's POV        

        The next morning, it took us nearly ten minutes to go and find the Great Hall. After wandering in the wrong direction for five minutes, Nearly Headless Nick guided us to the hall. Cora started to shove food in her mouth so fast, it took her 5 minutes to swallow it. "I wonder what classes we have today!" Exclaimed Jax, "I really hope we get to do Transfiguration. I sounds like so much fun!"
        "Why are you looking forward to classes? We'll probably get a bunch if homework and not be able to spend as much time together," I said buttering my toast.
        "Mfm umphf fesuphm," said Cora. 
        Jax raised and eyebrow, "I'm sorry I didn't quite catch that."
        Cora swallowed, "I said, she's got a point. Homework is boring I'd rather spend time with you guys." She went back to stuffing her face with food after. Jax rolled his eyes.
        "You're gonna choke if you keep eating like that," I said.  
        "No way, my mouth is hardwired for this," said Cora.
        Suddenly a flurry of owls flew into the Great Hall. First years screamed and covered their heads. I was proud to say I didn't duck or take cover. After everyone got over the initial shock from the owls, ​Professor McGonagall started handing out schedules. I glanced at mine, Herbology in the morning and History of Magic in the afternoon.
        "Happy now Jax? The school year officially started," I said as we got up started searching for the Herbology greenhouses.
        He stuck out his tongue, "Well I came here to learn, what'd you come here for?"
        For a real family, I thought, for friends and people that actually care about me. I bit my lip to keep from crying. Keep it together Katalina, you're not a little girl! 
        Jax noticed that I didn't answer. He looked back at me as we walked out of the front doors into the crispy cold air. "You okay Kat?"
        "Yeah I'm fine," I replied not looking at him.
        "I'm sorry if I said anything to hurt you, I really didn't mean too," he said looking back at me.
        "It's alright Jax, really," I said.
        Cora gave me a look that said 'if you want I'll hit him for you'. I shook my head. I could tell that Jax felt really bad about almost making me cry. 
        Once we reached the greenhouse, Professor Sprout was waiting for us  and told us to take our seats. I chose a seat in the back with Cora, Jax sat up in the front with Hermione Granger. I smirked, two no-it-alls together. Professor Sprout spent the period teaching us to recognize poisonous plants. For homework she told us to write an essay on the properties of the Venomous Tantacula.
         We were heading back to the Gryffindor common room when, unfortunately, we ran into Peeves. "Ooo ickle firsties, how would you like to be responsible for knocking down all the suits of armor in the corridor?"
        "Go away Peeves," Said Cora. Peeves laughed and started to knock over all the suits of armor. 
        We heard Filch yelling in the distance, knowing how he has a tendency to pop up anymore we did the natural thing. We ran as fast as we could in the opposite direction. Peeves' laugh echoed through the hallways along with Filch's yells.
        "Split up!" Yells Jax, "That way if he catches one, he won't catch all of us. I headed for the top floor and ran into an empty classroom. I shut the door and sighed sinking to the ground. How did my first day end up so horribly? 
        And to top it all off, I heard a familiar voice from the shadows. "Katalina?" I mentally groan, somebody up in the heavens must hate me for some reason. Out of the shadows steps a familiar smirking blond boy.
        "Hello Draco, " I say.

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