Fatal Love

After Helen graduated high school, Calum thought that things would get better, but when their relationship starts getting more difficult to uphold, they both can't take it anymore.

Calum is about to leave for another tour and Helen knows what's to come. They both fall into a different world, one they're not familiar to. With nothing but drugs and the LA nightlife to fix Helen's broken mind, she feels hopeless. Calum turns to the reckless rock star life that comes with fame.

Things go from bad to fatal for Calum and Helen.


2. Chapter 2 : The Library Grad Night

Calum's POV


"My, my, my," I said and leaned against the door frame. My eyes skimmed Helen's body as she examined herself in the mirror. Her black jeans hugged her waist beautifully and she wore a white ringer crop top. "You look gorgeous." 

She scrunched her nose and groaned, "I feel like I should change shirt." I walked towards her and she began walking towards the closet but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her into my chest. 

"You look fine," I said. "The shirt looks good, it's just you that thinks it looks bad. You look absolutely amazing." She gave me a lopsided smile. "Plus, your ass looks great." 

She laughed, "It does, doesn't it? I'm not showing too much skin, am I?"

I shook my head, "It's perfect."

"Are you sure?" She glanced at the mirror. 

"Yes, I'm positive, now go put your shoes on so we can go." 

She walked into the closet to get her shoes, "What time is it?" She called out. 

"8:21," I replied and slipped on my bomber jacket before running my hands through my hair. Helen came out shortly after and several inches taller. 

She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, "Hey, now I don't have to stand on my tip toes to kiss you." She walked into the bathroom and I followed closely behind. 

"Don't get cocky, Hemmings, it's just the boots," I said. 

She laughed, "Don't even remind me that I'm 4'11." I watched her as she applied some mascara in the mirror. Her eyes met mine and she raised an eyebrow, "Whatcha lookin' at Hood?" 

"The eighth wonder of the world," I said smoothly. 

"You're smoother than my legs when I shave," She put her hand over her heart. 

"That's smooth," I noted. 

"Very," She took one more look at herself in the mirror and turned to me, "Ready." 

"Bout time," I joked and stuffed my phone into my back pocket. "We're not gonna have to wait in a queue right?"

She shook her head as she tapped away on her phone before looking up at me, "The group has been planning this for months. Much like the first time we went to The Library."

"I miss Aslan and Chewie," I pouted. 

She turned to me, "Aw you poor thing. You'll be able to see them tomorrow." She took my hand and we both walked down the stairs. 

"The party tomorrow, is it gonna be formal?" I asked. 

"Yes, but you can wear some jeans and a button up shirt," She replied. "My aunt is gonna be there."

"Which one?"

"Aunt Clara and her two precious daughters," She spat. "God, I hate them."

"Your dad invited them?" He asked.

"They kind of invited themselves and a whole bunch of my family is gonna be there so they'll want to see Aunt Clara anyways," She stated. Before I could say anything else, there was a loud honk. "Oh, that's our ride!" 

"I thought we were gonna drive there," I grabbed my keys. 

"That's no fun," She said. "C'mon!" She opened the door and there was a black party bus that was waiting for us. 

"That is pretty cool," I laughed as Helen locked the door. 

"Let's go!" She pulled my hand and I followed her towards the bus. The doors opened and we climbed the four steps that led inside. Immediately the heavy bass of music, mixed in with laughter and screams is all I heard. The lights were colorful and lit the dark interior. 

"Hey Helen," A girl said. 

"Hi Maleah," She replied. 

"Over here!" Adin called from the bus. Helen pulled me through the bus and I received various smiles, a few winks. I saw a pole that was in the middle of the bus. 

"You did not!" Helen said referring to the pole.

"I didn't know it was there before," Adin exclaimed. I laughed and thankfully spotted Luke, Michael and Ashton. Helen and I sat next to them and she began a conversation with Adin.  

"Quite the transportation, right?" Luke asked. 

I nodded, "Time to have some fun."


The Library looked bigger on the inside than it does on the outside. It opened up into a vast space that was crammed with people who were dancing on the floor. There were tables nearby, a bar that stretched from one wall to the other, and a DJ booth that was elevated off the ground so the DJ looked over the crowd. 

I held Helen's hand tight as we navigated ourselves through the mess of people. A few of Helen's friends immediately ran onto the dance floor and they got lost in the sea of people. Music was blasting from speakers all across the room. Playing songs with a heavy beat.

My eyes were set on Helen, who was pushing past people. I would easily lose her if I let go of her hand. I walked a bit faster until her back was nearly pressed against my chest. We made our way towards the bar. Luke, Michael, and Ashton were hopefully behind us. Helen let go of my hand when she reached the bar. I sat in a stool next to her. 

"This place is packed!" Ashton told me over the music. 

"It's always like this," Helen replied. 

"What can I get for you?" The bartender asked. We ordered our drinks and he brought them to us shortly after. Helen took a sip of her beer. I looked up and saw that there was an upper level. There were a few people that had drinks in their hands and that were talking to one another. 

"Those are what you call, VIP," Helen shouted. "We rented a room out. It's on the second floor and has soundproof walls, so no noise can get in." 

"Helen!" One of her friends, Brianna came up to her. "C'mon, this is our song!" An unfamiliar beat began playing. 

"Oh, I don't know," Helen said. 

"Let's go! Don't be such a joy killer," She added. 

I laughed and took a long drink form my cup. Helen was looking at me, "Go on." She shook her head but laughed and got off the stool before following her friend onto the dance floor.

"Are you ready for the party tomorrow?" Luke asked me. 

I shrugged, "I'm a bit nervous, a bunch of her family will be there." 

"Never met them, it'll be new to me too," He replied. I had my cup refilled when it was empty and Helen hadn't returned. A new song played and I turned to look at the crowd in hopes that I'd see Helen. After various searching, I found her, she was facing, none other than Brad Chase. Her arms were crossed and she gave him a look that I wished I would never receive. Helen's friends were apparently telling him off.  Brad grabbed her arm but she immediately pulled away. I got off the stool and pushed past the crowd to get to her. 

"Hey, back off," I said and pushed him away. I pulled Helen towards me. 

"Calum," He smiled. "You never know when to quit."

"You're one to talk, now stay away from her or the next thing you'll be touching is the goddamn floor when I punch you in the fucking face," I steered Helen back towards the bar. 

"I'm sorry Calum," She said. 

"Hey," I turned to her and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "It's not your fault." I used my index finger to tilt her chin up before bringing my lips to hers. "C'mon." I led her back to the stools.

"Where'd you go?" Luke asked. 

"Brad," I mumbled. 

"He's here?" Michael interjected. 

I nodded.

"Guys, please don't start anything," Helen begged. "This is a night of celebration and fun." I turned my head to look at her.

"I'm not promising anything," I replied and took a long sip from my drink.

She groaned but pecked my cheek, "You never listen, Cal." I took her hand as she rested her head on my shoulder. "Hey, are you guys thinking of dancing?" she asked the other three. 

Luke shrugged, "Don't know who to dance with." 

"Katie has had an eye on you the whole night," Helen whispered. "Just ask her to dance, she'll say yes."

After a couple of minutes of amping them up, Luke, Ashton and Michael finally got the courage to ask one of Helen's friends to dance. Luke went for Katie, who eagerly said yes and yanked Luke onto the dance floor. Ashton went for a blond called Madison. She seemed shy as she accepted his hand. Michael asked a brunette, Taylor, as Helen later told me. 

We watched as the madness unfolded before us. People danced wildly and grinded up onto their partners as the music blasted around us. Helen simply sipped her drink and we occasionally laughed at how bad a few people danced.  

Helen finished her drink and set the glass cup on the counter before sliding off the stool, "Want to dance?" 

"Not really feeling it," I said. "You gotta persuade me." I let a small smirk plaster my face and she shrugged. 

"That won't be hard," I watched her as she got on the dance floor. Standing on the edge of the crowd of drunk people. Her eyes never left mine as she began to sway her hips to the music. Her hands roamed her own body and I knew what she was doing. The desire to leave the stool grew inside me. A new song now played. 

Baby, this is what you came for

Lightning strikes every time she moves

My eyes watched her body as she danced by herself. 

And everybody's watching her

But she's looking at you, oh, oh

She used her index finger to motion for me to come towards her. I slid off the stool and strolled up to her. My hands made their way onto her hips and I pressed her body against mine. Her hands were on my chest as she continued to sway her hips. 

We found ourselves being one of those couples who were grinding up on each other. The world around us melted until it was only us and the music. My lips were on her neck and at that point we really didn't care about PDA. I occasionally let my hands move down to her thighs. Her breathing became ragged as she danced against me. I inhaled her perfume and the smell of alcohol. I felt to heat beginning to rise up inside me. She looked at me with eyes full of lust. 

I looked up for a split second and saw Brad. He was glaring daggers at me but I only smirked because I had someone he didn't. I planted a sloppy kiss on her neck as Helen grinded up against me. I knew Brad's eyes were looking at us but I didn't care, I had to best thing in the world right here with me. 

I turned her so that she was facing me. I pushed her hair out of her face before crushing my lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I deepened the kiss. My hands moved down to her ass before giving it a squeeze. 

She pulled away, breathless, "My god, I love you." I was hungry for her kiss and gave her a nod before bringing my lips to hers once more.

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