Fatal Love

After Helen graduated high school, Calum thought that things would get better, but when their relationship starts getting more difficult to uphold, they both can't take it anymore.

Calum is about to leave for another tour and Helen knows what's to come. They both fall into a different world, one they're not familiar to. With nothing but drugs and the LA nightlife to fix Helen's broken mind, she feels hopeless. Calum turns to the reckless rock star life that comes with fame.

Things go from bad to fatal for Calum and Helen.


13. Chapter 13 : A Missing Piece

Calum's POV


*six months later*


Something felt off. There was something missing. I walked through the airport alone. The others had taken an early flight. I stayed behind in the last city, I wasn't sure why, but I did. But there was something nagging at my brain, something gnawing at my gut and it was eating me alive. Something that I couldn't quite put my finger one, yet I knew what it was at the same time. I hadn't noticed the girl waiting for me. She was looking out the window, her black hair cascaded around her shoulders. Her delicate face soft as always. She looked beautiful.


She turned, a smile breaking out on her face. She walked towards me, a small jog managed to sneak its way into her walk. I dropped my bags and extended my arms and she jumped on me. I caught her like I always did. My arms wrapping around her waist. Her hair still smelled of roses, her scent still sweet. I tried to grasp the emotions that I am supposed to feel in situations like these. I'm supposed to be happy that I am holding my love once again. My heart is supposed to be beating quickly, it's supposed to be so full of happiness that it could burst at any second. Butterflies are supposed to be fluttering in my stomach as I hold Helen. 

"Hey darling," I said. "I missed you." 

That wasn't a lie, I did miss her. I missed her face, her smile, her humor. I missed her, yet at the same time, I didn't. When did my heart stop longing for her? I'm not sure. When did it stop longing for her to be at my side? When did the earth stop moving? 

"I missed you too baby," She said and cupped my cheeks before pressing her lips against mine. 


There were no fireworks. No heat racing up his spine like it normally would. No urge tugging my gut to stop me from going any further. There was nothing. Those lips that I once wanted to kiss all day long. Those lips that were still soft like rose petals. Those lips that are so naturally pink. Those lips that used to make me so weak at the knees. Those lips now made me feel nothing at all. 

But I kissed her back. I kissed her back because she was still my girlfriend and she had waited six months to do this. She waited around so faithfully as she always did. It hurt. It physically hurt me knowing that she was in California, so in love with me while I had no idea what I was doing. 

I put her down and she smiled widely. I picked up my bag and we both started walking out of the airport.

"How was the trip?" She asked. "Aslan and Chewie sleep on your side of the bed, you know?"

I laughed, remembering our two dogs, they must be so big now. "You let them sleep on the bed?" 

She nodded, "It gets lonesome. I sleep at my dad's sometimes but usually at the house. Aslan and Chewie keep me company." She paused. "But tell me about the tour! How was it?" 

I realized something. Something I've known for awhile, but just now am beginning to accept it. Something that I never knew would happen. Not me at least. I realized what that thing was that I was missing. It was gone, vanished. It's as if I had left a piece in each city that we visited. Each show, something was left behind until I was left with nothing at all. Something that hurt me and I know it will hurt Helen too. I realized with my cold fate that I had fallen out of love. 



Four days passed.

Four dreaded days of guilt. Each passing day was harder than the last. Helen cared for me, she fed me each day and always made sure I was feeling good even though I was dying on the inside. Each smile she flashed me hurt, every laugh that escaped my lips made my heart shatter. And my mind drifted off to that night under the celestial sky. The night I gave her a ring, only to break every single one of my promises. 

I promise that I would never let you go. Never in a million years. I said these words, meaning it with my entire heart. Now my heart had a gaping hole in it. A hole that made my stomach clench and my brain pound. I hated himself for what I was about to do. I hated that I was about to break Helen's heart when I promised not to do that. 

"Helen," I met her eyes. She was sitting on the couch, lounging around, peacefully reading a book. She looked beautiful as always. "Can we talk?"

She nodded, a smile painting her face once again and it made my heart turn to lead. "What's up Cal?"

I sat across from her. I ran my fingers through my hair, my mouth opening, and closing as I tried to think of what to say first. How do I put it into words? How do I tell you, my love, that I can't do this anymore? I can't hurt you because it hurts me to do so. 

"I'm sorry," I began. "I'm so sorry Helen. I never thought that it would come to this. I tried, I tried to grasp the feelings that were always there. And it hurts me, it hurts me so much to know that I am about to break your heart and that I'm about to break every promise that I swore to keep." I paused. "I'm sorry, Helen. I truly am." My voice began to shake. "I don't think I'm in love with you anymore." I looked up to meet her eyes. They welled up with tears, but none fell. 

"I know," She said. 

My eyes widened. She knew? Since when? How?

"I've known since the day at the airport," She said. "That familiar gleam that was always in your eyes when you saw me. It wasn't there." She sat next to me and grabbed my hands. "But it's okay, Calum. It's something you can't control and I know you tried, but it's okay. Some promises are not meant to be kept. If you want to leave, I won't stop you, Calum, because I want you to be happy. And if I wasn't able to bring that happiness to you, then I want you to find it and hold it tight. I love you Calum, I'll always love you, you're my best friend and I want what is best for you.

I wanted to cry, to breakdown right then and there. She was putting me in front of her. Helen. So selfless even til the last day. My heart crawled into my throat, my stomach folded into itself. She knew and that only made this a hundred times worse. 



I put my things in the back of my car. Helen was looking at me, hugging herself. I couldn't stand to share a bed with her and know that she was in love with me while I felt nothing. I couldn't stand to be next to her, knowing that I broke her heart. It would kill me. I closed the trunk and turned to face her. She gave me a sad smile, her eyes cast with a look of melancholy. 

She stepped forward and placed something in my hand. I looked down, it was the ring. The promise ring. My heart shattered and I know hers did as well. The diamond gleamed in the sunlight. I remembered the long speech I gave her. The confession of my love that was full of empty promises. 

"Give it to someone who deserves it. Someone who you love," She timidly said. 

I wrapped my arms around her. I had nothing to say. What could I say? 

"Calum," She said. 


"Kiss me hard before you go," She said. 

I pulled away and obeyed her wish. I pressed my lips against hers. Her lips still soft against mine, but there was still no fireworks, no heat. Nothing. We pulled apart. I looked at her sadly, I mumbled another sorry. Helen only said that it was okay. But it wasn't was okay. My heart heavy with guilt knowing that I am about to leave the one good thing in my life. I turned on my heels and got into my car, we didn't exchange any other words. There was nothing to say. I drove away, Helen's figure growing smaller as I got farther and farther. The first tears began to slip from my eyes and I let them fall. 

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