Fatal Love

After Helen graduated high school, Calum thought that things would get better, but when their relationship starts getting more difficult to uphold, they both can't take it anymore.

Calum is about to leave for another tour and Helen knows what's to come. They both fall into a different world, one they're not familiar to. With nothing but drugs and the LA nightlife to fix Helen's broken mind, she feels hopeless. Calum turns to the reckless rock star life that comes with fame.

Things go from bad to fatal for Calum and Helen.


11. Chapter 11 : Mozart

Helen's POV


"Is that my little baby?" 

I turned and was smuggled into a tight hug by none other than Logan Rogers. His grip was a lot tighter from the last time I saw him. I pulled away and my eyes widened at his huge biceps. His shirt was stretched tightly across his chest. 

"Have you been working out?" I asked. 

"You noticed?" He smiled widely. "I have and I feel a lot better. I feel good." 

I nodded, "Right on." 

"You look so cute, aw. You remind me of those tumblr girls I see," He said. 

"I decided to switch things up and move away from the all black outfit. I do wear band shirts occasionally, but not as much as I used to."

"It's a nice touch. I dig it," He picked up my bag and we left the airport. "But how have you been?" 

"I've been great!" I replied. "How about you?"

"Amazing. My parents are good too, knew you were gonna ask. "

"Took the words right out of my mouth," I said. 

"Oh, guess who's still living next to you?" He asked as he popped the trunk of his BMW

"I dunno, who?"

"Your favorite person in the entire world, Tyler Evans."

I rolled my eyes and closed the car door, "Thought he'd be gone by now. Hopefully Mommy and Daddy can buy them a new house in the city. Away from me." 

"OOO," Logan said. "Aren't we a bit sassy." 

"Just drive. Calum doesn't now I'm here, thinks that I'm getting here tomorrow." 

"What a sweet surprise," He sounded touched. He started the car and I jumped at the classical music that was blaring out of the speakers. "Sorry about that." Logan turned down the volume.

"Is that Mozart?" I asked recognizing the concerto. "Serenade in G major." 

"Exactly. Yeah, I've been listening to these guys a lot. Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Choppin." 

I cringed at Logan's pronunciation of Choppin. "Logan, it's pronounced Show-pan."

"So it isn't Chop-in?"

I shook my head, "I took Music History, my teacher made sure that we would never pronounce Choppin, Chop-in" 

"Look at you being all intellectual and stuff. Making me proud," Logan nodded. 

"Oh shut it." 

"Yes ma'am." 



I inhaled and puffed my chest out as I smiled at my mother's house. 

"Did you miss it?" Logan asked next to me. 

I nodded, "Missed it a lot more than I expected to." 

"Glad you're back, Helen. Even if it's just for a little while." He paused. "Oh! I got you something. A graduation present." 

"You didn't have to," I said. 

"But I did. So did my parents. They really like you," He added. 

I came to a conclusion long ago that Logan's parents loved me. At least his mom really did. Whenever I went over she would always pull me into conversations with her. I found myself gossiping with her about her co-workers. And the tea was extra good. Logan said that it's because his mom had always wanted a daughter, but she couldn't have any more children after Logan. 

"I'll be over your house in about an hour or so," I said. 

"Mom's been asking about you," He laughed. "Text me before you get here." 

"Or you could just stick your head out the window and see if I'm coming," I suggested as I walked across the street. 

"Or I could do that," He called. 

I held onto my bag as I got closer towards the front door. I knocked and waited. Luke's car was in the driveway, but my mom's wasn't. I tapped my foot as the seconds passed. I knocked once again, louder this time. 

"There must be a key hidden around here," I said and began searching. With little effort, I picked up the potted plant and spotted the silver key. "Ah-ha!" I exclaimed and picked up the key. Something that was soft and made of rubber hit me in the arm. My eyes fell on the round red ball that just made contact with my arm. 

"Well, well, well. Look what unwanted girl the plane dragged in today," Tyler Evans said. 

I rolled my eyes, "And look who's continuing to be a bitter bitch. High school is done, Tyler start acting like an adult and less like a 15 year old boy who got head for the first time." I picked up the ball and threw it into his yard before picking up my bag and walking into the house. 

"GO! Shoot Michael!" Luke yelled. 

"I got him," Michael followed. 

The sound of guns, yelling and the occasional swearing rang out throughout the house. They're probably playing games, I said to myself. I went into my room and set my bag on my bed. My room looked untouched since I left. Although, I do have a missing CD. 

I found myself in the kitchen once again. A water bottle in one hand and a bag of baked Hot Cheetos in the other. I sat on the counter and pulled out myself before opening the bag of cheetos. 

"Helen?" I looked up from my phone and Ashton was staring at me, wide eyed. "When did you get here?"

"A couple minutes ago," I said truthfully. 

"Am I not gonna get a hug?" He asked, his arms extended. I smiled and hopped off the counter before giving Ashton a tight bear hug. 

"Is Calum with you guys?" I asked. "I didn't hear him yelling." 

"Yeah," Ashton laughed. "It's Luke and Michael that are the loudest when it comes to these games. Does he know you're here?"

I shook my head, "Let's go give him a scare." 

Ashton walked into Luke's room first. He then gave me the signal to come in as well. Luke and Michael were sitting on the bed. Their elbows on their knees as their thumbs pressed the buttons on the game controller. Calum sat on a recliner that wasn't there when I left this home. I casually strolled over, no attention was on me. I sat on the armrest and slung my legs onto Calum's lap. 

"What the fu-" His eyes nearly bugged out of his sockets when he looked up at me. Immediately, he crushed his lips against mine in a hungry kiss. 

"I thought you were gonna get here tomorrow," Luke said. 

"Decided to surprise you guys," I replied and smiled before going over to give Luke a hug. After a brief greeting with them all, I told them that I would be going over to Logan's house for an hour or so. 

"Leaving already?" Calum asked and followed me out of the room.

"I'll come back soon," I replied and walked down the stairs. "I'll be fine."

"I know that," He paused. "It's just...I miss you. I need you, doll." 

"Where are we gonna go? It's not like we can go to my room. We're not the quietest people, you know," I noted. 

"I guess you're right," He frowned. I laughed and grabbed his face before kissing him once again. Calum didn't hesitate to deepen the kiss. His lips brushed against mine and a low moan erupted from his throat. 

I pulled away, "We'll finish this later, okay?" 

He nodded, "You're a tease." 

I winked and left the house. My eyes drifted towards the second story of Logan's house. He was pulling the curtains open when he spotted me. A large smile crept onto his face and he waved excitedly. I laughed to myself as I walked up to the door. I rang the bell and waited for a minute before he door began to unlock. 

"Helen!" Logan's mother pulled me into a tight hug and nearly swung me around. "So good to have you back!" 

"Good to be back," I smiled. 

"I can finally give you your gift!" She exclaimed happily and disappeared down the hall. 

Logan came sliding down the banister before gracefully falling off it and onto the floor. "I'm okay."

His mother returned with a huge Victoria's Secret bag. My heart clenched at the sight, "Oh my god, you shouldn't have." 

"Just open," She smiled and handed the gift to me.

I took out the pink wrapping paper and reaching in for the gift. My jaw dropped when I saw that it was a PINK bomber jacket. The pale pink color was beautiful in size small. 

"This is amazing, thank you so much," I pulled her into a hug once again. 

"It was my pleasure, Helen. Congratulations on graduating," She smiled. 

"Thank you, thank you, you're too kind, Mrs. Rogers."

After receiving my gift and thanking Mrs. Rogers profoundly, Logan and I went up to his room. He was going off about how he isn't sure if he wanted to go to college in Spain or go to the Music school in New York. I personally wasn't the person to be consulting this matter with, I wasn't even gonna go to college. When I told my Dad this he nearly exploded but he managed to respect my decision.

"On the bright side," I remember telling him. "You and I don't have to worry about student debt!"

"So what are you gonna do your entire life?" Dad grumbled.

I shrugged my shoulders, "Work at the shop, maybe eventually I'll go into college and major in art, culinary or music"

"What should I do Helen?" Logan asked pulling me out of my thoughts.

"I don't know, it's your life, do what you want to do," I replied.

Logan and I spent the next two hours taking, catching up and discussing my issue with Calum. Though it wasn't really an issue, but more like a matter that I myself need to resolve within my own walls. It would be hard yes. To say goodbye to him again, out of who knows how many times.

"I don't know Logan, I just have this strange feeling. It's like something deep down in my gut that is telling me not to let him go to London, but I know I could never do that. I could never hold him back from doing what he loves. Even if it means leaving me with a broken heart."   


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