Fatal Love

After Helen graduated high school, Calum thought that things would get better, but when their relationship starts getting more difficult to uphold, they both can't take it anymore.

Calum is about to leave for another tour and Helen knows what's to come. They both fall into a different world, one they're not familiar to. With nothing but drugs and the LA nightlife to fix Helen's broken mind, she feels hopeless. Calum turns to the reckless rock star life that comes with fame.

Things go from bad to fatal for Calum and Helen.


10. Chapter 10 : Cry For Me

Calum's POV


I had said my goodbyes to all my friends in LA. Helen smiled at me as we walked to the gate. She made this last week extremely fun. We went to Disney Land, Universal Studios, Six Flags, even found ourselves sneaking into some random band's concert. Ever since that night, Helen and I were both obsessed with their music. 

I made a funny face at her and she giggled. Her eyes lit up as she laughed and lightly pushed me away with her hand. I threw my free arm around her and pulled her towards me. She wrapped both her arms around my torso. Her shoulders moved lightly at her soft laughing. 

Luke, Michael and Ashton walked ahead of us. Claiming they didn't want to 'become uncomfortable by our PDA.' Whatever that meant. Helen only stuck her tongue out at them. Michael placed his hand over his chest in a 'excuse me?' type of way. 

"Call me when you get there," Helen said and ran her hand down my abdomen before pushing herself away. 

I nodded and examined her body language as she looked down at her shoes. Her eyelashes seemed to rest on her cheeks as her eyes were down. I watched as she fiddled with her fingers and touched the floor with the tip of her shoe. She was nervous. She reached up and rubbed her eye. 

"Don't cry for me," I said and lightly grabbed her chin. I raised her head so her eyes faced me. I saw no tears in her eyes. My features softened at the pain that dwelled in her blue iris'.

"I'm not crying," She smiled a little. "Just have an eyelash." 

I knew that the others were waiting for me. I'd see her in a few days maybe. Hopefully.

"I'll try to fly to Australia next week," She said as if reading my thoughts. Maybe she really could read my mind. "Logan has been nudging me to come. Haven't seen him in a while." 

I wrapped my arms around her waist and picked her up in a tight hug. She sank into my touch. Her head rested on my shoulder as I held her for what felt like hours. I didn't want to let go. I didn't want to leave behind her warm touch. Or how she always smells like either her shower gel from Bath & Body Works or her Victoria's Secret fragrance.

I couldn't help but recall the first time I went on tour. That last time we saw each other before a six month tour. I remember what I said to her. I remember how I held her. How I went back to her for one more eager kiss. And how tears slipped from her eyes as I left. 

I set her and the floor before kissing her. I knew she was standing on her toes because she was rising up little by little. I couldn't help but smile at how short she was. She always hated it, but I found it quite cute. I had to help her get stuff off the high shelves because she couldn't reach. Sometimes I'd put her Life cereal on the high shelves on purpose. I'd expect her to come to me for help, instead she gets on the counter and gets in herself. 

I remember when I gave her the promise ring. Even I have to admit, "The one thing history taught me is to always kneel before a queen" was a pretty smooth line. I worked extra hard on that. The way she looked under the moonlight. Even the moon itself couldn't compare to how beautiful she was. The stars shine for her. The earth rotates for her. The sun rises and sets for her. 

Her eyes. Those bright blue orbs. I could look out into an ocean with crystal clear blue water and I would still be more fascinated when I look into her eyes. They're like an endless pool of wonder. They're like hazy blue clouds that swirl around in a whirlpool and I feel sucked in. They're a vast open ocean and I want to get lost in them and never be found.

Her plump lips. She would kiss me, but her lips feel cracked and dry, as they are every morning. Whereas by the afternoon, they're as soft as rose petals. She always complained about how her side features looked. She claimed that her lips were too brought out. I always told her that it was just because her lips were plump and just the right size for her. 

"I love you," She said. 

And I remembered the first time I told her I loved her. My heart raced a million miles an hour as those three words left my mouth.I  remember how nervous i was for her reaction. Would she say it back? It was a nerve racking couple of seconds that passed but when she finally spoke up she said "what?" Not exactly what I was expecting but she was in shock. I repeated the questions before spilling my thoughts out. My own heart. 

"I love you too," I replied. 

A year later and she still makes my heart race. She still makes me want to fly a thousand oceans and walk a hundred miles just to see her. I'd lead an army into battle for her. I'm in complete and utter lover with her. 

Never thought I'd say that, but here I am. 

I hugged her one more time before releasing her and picking up my bag next to me. She smiled at me and pecked my cheek, "Have a safe flight." 

"Thanks, doll. I'll call you, alright?" 

She nodded, "Have fun."

"Not without you, darling." I gave her another smile before walking off with the others. I was glad she wasn't crying. I knew she had some sense of comfort knowing that we would be seeing each other soon. And if the odds are against us, I'll do anything I can in my power to find my way back to you, doll. I promise.

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