This is a coverstore for those of you who would like custom-made covers for your wonderful movellas, hope you like it! <3
–Closed for the time being–


8. 2nd Cover for Trin Trin

I never seem to be able to create a cover out of the ideas you have!!!

Why is that? I tried googling some photos of Anthony Padilla, but I could only find pictures of his face, and for the cover I think I would need at least his upper body as well. If you find a picture og his face and his upper body, send it to me and I would love to try to incorporate it in a cover for you. 

So I made you three different covers with girls on them, as always, tell me if you want any changes to be made, entirely different covers, and again, you don't have to use any of the covers.

Hope you like one of them! <3 And thank you for requesting again!

Okay second try. Not all too happy with the cover, since I'm not all too good at having two people on one cover. You might like it though, so I posted it anyway. Tell me what you think :)


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