Think before you type.

A girl narrates her crumbling life as she's being bullied by a student whom she deleted from her contacts online.


7. Rebecca

I wasted several hours of my life watching YouTube videos in the dark because I was too scared to go outside. I'm thinking of which hairstyle would suit Shane Dawson when the doorbell rings followed by frantic knocking.

I open the door and I'm shocked to see that policeman standing there with blood on his face. He asks me to help him so I do so; I make a cup of tea while he clears the blood. He joins me in the living room later on.

"No tea, thank you"

"I know. This is for me"

He goes on about how I need to protect myself from Charles and he suggests possibly sending me out of town for a week or two. FUCK NO. I'm staying at home watching YouTube videos and Orange Is The New Black.

He goes. I say goodbye as my eyes stick to the TV screen; I'm watching The Social Network again. It's my favourite film but I don't actually like it that much. Something about it just seems so... relatable.

Hours have passed and it appears I fell asleep because I'm just waking up. The Social Network's back on the menu screen and I turn it off. I need to get ready for school.

Mum's just come back from work. I'm not one of those stereotypes whose parents hate them; my dad just moved away because he and mum divorced and my mother loves me very much, thanks.

Asks me about Charles and I tell her that he's on the run so he probably won't be in school. Thank God for that.

I go to bed and wake up feeling beautiful. For once, Charles was out of town and out of school.

When I got to school, I was sorely mistaken.

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