Think before you type.

A girl narrates her crumbling life as she's being bullied by a student whom she deleted from her contacts online.


4. Rebecca

I don't feel so good.

It's the first day back after the weekend and I've done nothing but cry.

Charles had better not be in today. I won't sleep until he's behind bars.

He's walking down the corridor in front of me. I guess I won't be sleeping any time soon.

He looks at me and if looks could kill, I'd be whizzing around in a blender with a knife stuck in my eye.

"What're you looking at, Philips?"

I don't think before I speak. "The reason double doors were invented"

"The fuck do you mean by that?"

"I mean you're too fat, Charles. Go to the gym, it'll do you good". I am such a tool.

"Say that again and I'll kick your teeth in"

"If that's the case then I won't say it again"

He grabs me by my hair. I'm no christian but I was saying my prayers in my head.

Suddenly, the Headmaster walks round the corridor and notices the situation.

Maybe I should be a christian. It'd do me good.

"CHARLES! What do you think you're doing with Rebecca Philips?!"

He's in for it now.

I run along without looking behind me. I know Charles isn't there but I'm taking no chances.

I get home. I am done with social media.

I deactivate my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat and Club Penguin accounts. I did have a Google plus account but I deleted that a long time ago.


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