Think before you type.

A girl narrates her crumbling life as she's being bullied by a student whom she deleted from her contacts online.


6. Charles

I'm walking down the street alone. I don't look behind me as I have the feeling that stupid policeman's following me.

I'm mistaken. He's walking in front of me.

He tells me to stop. I turn around and leg it down the street, not looking back.

He's following me. My heart rate's increasing. The world is full of bastards, and they're all coming to get me.

I get home. Mum's out, probably at a drinking party again with her brain dead pals at the rugby center.

The house smells of weed. I've never touched it in my life but I know what it smells like. My mum smokes it 24/7. My dad used to smoke it before mum gave him the boot.

I log onto the computer. It's a shit Amstrad 464 plus but mum says we'll buy a new one with Windows 8.1. Great one, mum. Great way to make your kid feel better.

Facebook loads up but my account is nowhere to be seen. That twatty policeman deactivated it.

He knocks on the door. I'm in for it now. I close the curtains but he knows I'm in there; he's been watching me for ages. He says he's got a police car on the way to escort me to some respite place but I won't go. He can't make me. I open the door with a bat in one hand. I bash him over the head and make a run for it.

What was I thinking. Am I a complete tool?

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