Top Five Movellas of the Week

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3. Week 1 - February 3rd - February 10th - Erica's Picks


Life Through The Lens - 2016 - Squonk Of The Nightshade - E.B

I saw this Movella in the midst of a bunch of other Movellas but the cover grabbed me, I love the use of typography almost overtaking the cover. When I went onto reading it this Movella I knew instantly it was something that I myself am interested in. The idea of capturing something everyday (though the posts don't always include photographs from that given day) is a good way of capturing the mood of the day and remembering a moment. Love it so far!


Take Me to Heaven - Brittany J.Isabelle - E.B


This Movella caught my attention this time not by the cover, but from the description.
'It's not a miracle. It's not a coincidence. Hell, it's not even magic. It's fate. You die, you die. There's no heaven, no hell.' There is more but this part of the Movella was just so good! I myself am in a permanent Existential Crisis questioning the meaning of life, so this quotation sort of hit me harder. Brittany has thought out the plot thoroughly which is apparent in her writing which is sophisticated and flows easily. Good work! 



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