The Walls That Block Us (Yandere!Friend+Friend!Reader)

He had enough.
He was done being a friend.
He wanted to be so much more from that.
In order to reach her heart,he must destroy them walls that block them.
But one wrong move,she will run away forever.
Will he able to get rid of the walls and achieve love?
Or will she run and be stuck all alone for eternity?


1. Note

Befor I start,let me explain my sources.I'm not sure if the situation here is actually love,but I used two people that have a friend-relationship-but-the-guy-actually-wants-to-be-more-than-that.Considering that we're too young to have it,I made this story just for entertainment reasons.


If the explanation is not clear,thanI'll give you another one.The characters in the story are real.I'll be using everyone in our grade level(including me),but using alternate names.The school's name will be changed,too.Now the relationship part,(I'll call them D. and O.)D. and O. are friends.Until that day when O. confessed to her,D. told me about it and asked for advice.As in now,their still friends,but very distant(probably 'cause of the confession).The background is in Japan,sice D. suggested it.Well,that's it for now.Hope you like the story.

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