The Hunger Games

Dave Voke has got in the Hunger Games What Will he do Next?


2. The Stab

The next day when it started they had got powerful Tools and started attacking They had Killed Some people Grabbed their Stuff but Then Suddenly A Guy Went Behind Dave and stabbed him Katherine and Daniel came and "are you Okay" said them both! We need to find u a Care Package and Quick Dave don't die on us Dave Said "Go Without me my friends I will be within you Belive in yourself" They said no Dave were Not Leaving you for the Dead Dave said  will have to my Freinds this was my dream ever since I was a kid and I've accomplished it. Just Like my dad told me Follow your dream and i have In Life -coughs up blood- Oh No     e watch Out as He stabs the person trying to kill Katherine Hey back up Thanks Daniel We need find the things to make a Care Package 

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