My Brother Ashton

Taylor-Jade better known as TJ has recently moved in with her farther and his new wife and her brother ashton in Australia after her mom passed away in a car crash. It means a new beginning for her, she has to leave her only friends to begin at a place where she is bound to be hated. What happens when she meets Luke and the others do feelings take over? Is it true love or do they just feel sorry for her because of her past.. will she survive or just break like before


4. Meeting Them

Ashtons POV-

Im sitting in the living room, waiting for the guys as we have band practice. Clara and dad are away this weekend thank god. I want dad to be happy and all but Clara well shes just a bitch I don't like her and wish she wasn't part of the family, but atleast I have taylor back I missed her so much, shes changed a lot I remember her having blonde hair I guess she must of changed it and I thought she had blue eyes but they are grey now maybe she wears contacts.. oh well she is really skinny to but shes so beautiful the guys better not lay a hand on her, it should be interesting when she meets them. I Think shes asleep still and I couldn't blame her it is Saturday after all and its only 8am, id still be in bed if the boys weren't coming round.

*dingdong* at the sound of the doorbell I snapped out of my thoughts. I open the door allowing the guys in. We all make our way to the kitchen and callum plunks himself on the sofa



I wake up to the sound of laughing coming from downstairs. curious I drag myself out of bed. I walk downstairs to the living room to find a boy sleeping on the sofa, quietly I crept past but all of a sudden someone grabs my arm and pins me to the sofa. I look to see the boy on top of me pinning me down. *what you doing here in this house sweetie" the boy smirked at me "I..i live here" "sure you do now what are you doing" he said looking me directly in the eye "no I do im ashtons little sister I really live here" all of a sudden he presses his lips against mine and then pulls away "wait your not fan-girling I just kissed you" he looked at me puzzled. umm who are?" I asked the boy still pining me "oh sorry im callum" he says unpinning me and helping me sit up. "sorry ummm I thought you were a fan I..i didn't mean to kiss ya well it was a good kiss" calum smirked at me. "its fine" I laughed hitting his shoulder. "im TJ well taylor" I smiled

"hey who you talking to!" ashton called. at this me and calum walked into the kitchen, calum goes and takes a seat and I say hi. all of a sudden ashton and the other two boys look my way, one had bright red hair the other had dirty-blonde hair and a lip ring. as they stared at me mouths dropped a little and eyes wide open. Ashton rushes over to me and stands infront of me hiding me from the others. from behind I can see one of the boys smirking. I look down to see that I was only in my sweatpants and sports bra. embarrassed I ran up the stairs shouting sorry down the hall.

Once I got to my room I put on a pair of leggings and a loose top, I had a bandana round my wrists still as I forgot to take them off. I then sat infront of my mirror and curled the tips of my hair. I applied a layer of lip gloss and some mascara. I then made my way downstairs. As I walk into the kitchen I could hear music coming from the basement so I go down to see whats happening. I peak my head round the door to the basement to see my brother and his friends playing. I listen to them and they sound amazing the boy singing has a perfect voice. All of a sudden they stop and look at me. I quietly walk in and sit on the little sofa ashton sits next to me. "guys this is my little sis taylor, tay t5his is calum, micheal and luke" ashton says as he points to each friend. "hi nice to meet you" I say each boy waves back and calum winks and I look down and blush. "would any of you like a coffee?" I ask not knowing what to say. As they all nod I make my way back to the kitchen.

As I wait for the kettle to boil I feel a hand on my hip. I turn to see calum smiling at me. "thought you might need some help carrying the coffees down" he said moving himself closer to me. "thank you" I smile back

Calums POV-

as I approached her I placed my hand gently on her waist. She turns round and looks at me. " I thought you might need some help carrying the coffees down2 I said smilling at her "thank you" she replied giving me a gentle smile. God she is so beautiful, why didn't ash tell us he had a little sister, I need to get to know her... *beep8 after hearing the kettle go off I reached for it only to end up holding her hand. I looked up at her and we both laughed. "its like we are best-friends" she laughed "I mean we obviously think the same" I laughed with her. Yh I considered her as a best friend the first moment I layed eyes on her but what if we could be more than best friends..

Ashtons POV-

Whats taking them so long, I knew he was going up there to help her but I didn't think it would take this long. Then all of a sudden I here laughter coming down the stairs to the basement and in comes tay and calum. "what you both laughing at" I ask "oh only about how much we have in comman" tay laughed. "well its been 5mins and your already bestfriends points to you calum that's a first for you" we all laughed. Calum sat on the floor and Tay placed herself next to him.


I sat down next to callum with my cup of coffee on the floor and the others joined. "Hey luke did you hear that some chick gave your ex a taste of her own medicine?" "why I did I bet it was so funny that girls gotta have some balls tho shes got hell coming her way" luke said turning to micheal. "what do you mean I asked looking over at them both. "well my ex lily is the bitchest girl you will ever meet, if she doesn't like you then she will do what ever she can to get rid of ya" "Yh I mean last year she drove a girl so far that the girl moved five states away" micheal followed "but she is super fit and sexy and gives the greatest sex" luke smirked. "yh but she didn't treat you right in the relationship you completely avoided us and she wouldn't leave you alone I mean you were her puppet" calum butted in. "well yh anyway I give the girl credit for sticking up to lily" luke carried on. 2did you see any of it tay?" ashton asked me "yh i saw everything" i replied "who was the girl" ashton asked staring at me "umm.. well me" i said looking down

When i looked up the boys stared blankly at me. "wait you?" Luke asked surprised. I just nodded. "well nothings gunna happen to you, right guys?" the boys just nodded and smiled luke still looking shocked.

*buzz* all of a sudden i felt my phone go off in my pocket. I looked to see a message from an unknown number, the text read-

Hey sweetie i got plans for you, i been thinking what do i do to get back at you for acting smart-mouthed around me. You got a lot of trouble coming your way, i know you were never loved in England i wouldn't be surprised if your mum made sure she died in that crash no one wants to raise and look after a child like you. Why ddont you just go kill yourself you bitch it will save me the effort of having to put you in your place and no one will miss you xoxo

After reading the text i could feel my depression kicking in, i need to cut i must i don't belong here. Quickly i get up and run to my room and lock the door. I go straight to my bathroom and close the door behind me. I can hear someone shouting and banging on my bedroom door. i take the blade and hold it to my wrist telling myself why i should do this why i deserved this. All of a sudden Luke burst into my bathroom and knocks the blade from my hand. The darkness takes over and i black out......

1 hour later-

I can hear soft whispers, slowly i open my eyes to see me in bed with my head on someones lap and to feel someones hand in mine. I sit up slowly to see i was laying on lukes lap and to see calum holding my hand. They smile at me and luke rests my head back down on his chest and plays while calum squeezes my hand. I look over to see micheal calming ashton down and i see my phone in his hand. shit! he must have seen the text i sit up and go to join ashton on the balcony but something stops me. i turn to see calum still had hold of my hand "you should rest" calum whispers in a soft voice. I look to luke and he nods in agreement. At this i slowly lay back calum still holding my hand. It wasn't long before i fell to sleep.....


Hey so what do you guys think? do you like it so far?? who do you think it is that taylor will fall for? let me know what you think below and i will try to update as much as possible <3






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